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Originally Posted by screamdracula View Post
I'm going to chime in on the freshwater side of the debate... probably jumping into a firestorm by doing so, but I have a happy, healthy, active fiddler in a freshwater setup. I use freshwater aquarium salt and give him a varied diet to ensure he gets a wide range of nutrients.

Every argument against this only goes as far as to say "true brackish water contains trace elements that a crab needs that aren't found in freshwater or aquarium salt."

Nobody ever says specifically what these trace elements are or why, exactly, they're vital to a fiddler crab's health. If anybody would provide a specific, scientific explanation, I would gladly change my position.

But for now, my firsthand experience is that with a little added attention and care a fiddler crab can thrive in freshwater.

Here's an article on choosing (mostly freshwater) tank mates for you fiddler crab if you're interested...
Best Fiddler Crab Tank Mates: What Fish Can Live with My Fiddler Crab? - Associated Content

calcium, alk, and mag are the main 3 you will find in saltwater. there are also trace elements which i would come to believe are needed for proper healthy growth and developement of the shell.

the big question is, how long have you had it in alive for? i think its more like, you can put neon tetras in alkaline waters but they would thrive in something more acidic and blackwater.
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I had 2 fidler crabs which I kept for 2 years (Until I went away) in a freshwater setup, which also had no land area. It did have pants which accessed the top of the tank.

I never had a problem with them, and they never suffered from disease and were very active. Also they surfaced about once a day.
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