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Fiddler crab

So i just got a couple of Green spotted puffers for my tank. I am going to be splitting the fish into two separate tanks in about a week and a half. One tank will be brackish water, the other fresh. I got a fiddler crab the other day, and he i one of the funniest things i have seen in a tank. He is so peaceful and funny to watch eat. I got a male with the big claw, i like the way he uses it as an empty threat towards the fish. He waves it around like he is going to used it. My mollie just comes up and kisses him in the face. lol well that is enough rambling from me just thought you guy should look into getting a crab. 8)

Fish Tank Size: 29g Saltwater


"The Cleaning Crew"
Emerald Crab (1)
Coral Banded Shrimp (1)
Hermit Crab (6)
Turbo Snail (3)

"The Fish"
Blue Green Chromis (2)
Firefish (1)
Tomato Clown (1)

Water Parameters:

Phosphates: .75, pH: 8.3, NO2: 0, NO3: 5, Ammonia: 0, KH: 14, Calcium: 370
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Be aware that green spotted puffers can only survive for a short time in fresh water. As they grow, both will have to be transitioned to brackish water (or even full marine salinity). They also are very aggressive fish and tankmates have to be chosen very carefully as they will nip fins of larger fish and eat smaller fish. They are also very enthusiastic invertebrate eaters, so expect your snail and shrimp (and eventually, crab) to get eaten, if they haven't by the time you read this post. The puffers grow to a size of 6" and are very messy eaters, so you'll need something at least as big as a 29g for one, preferably a 40g breeder or bigger for two.

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