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Question Feeding snails a varied diet. zucchini........

I was told zucchini & other veggies are good for snails. Makes sense. Where do I put the veggie to feed the snail? Food goes bad & I don't want to be fishing slimy food out every day or two.

These are Mystery Snails (2). I have a 10 gallon tank w/ Mollies. Nothing special.
There is a whole lot of surface space. Big rocks. Large aggregate. Deco stuff. etc.

I put a bit on a skewer & held it near one & dinner was served.
Is that what I need to do? Peel & skewer some & lodge it in somehow?
Is there a snail food bowl on the market I don't know about?
I feel so stupid having to ask but I love my aquatic habitat & my snails look anemic.

No muss no fuss w/ the food.
Any advice?

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Since snails can get almost everywhere, try a veggie clip! one of those should do you well

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That sounds fine. Mine used to also like algae wafers.

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HaHA! A secret snail food bowl! I knew it! Thanks.
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Slice it, then boil it (so it sinks), then freeze it. Then pull a slice out of the freezer whenever you want to give them a treat. Your mollies will like it too!

I have three platys, a gourami, and a mystery snail that like the zucchini, and a slice lasts >3 days. Like anything, feed in small amounts and give them more when it's gone.
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You can also try Lupin's snail jello recipe from this thread:

Snail Food Recipe

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