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Originally Posted by MonsiuerPercy1 View Post
Sure. As I already said it is a 55 gallon. There are: 2 dojo loaches, 12 zebra danios, around 5 cories, and some small pink rainbows. This is what I have in there currently but soon I think I will be mixing it up and getting some new fish and kicking out the danios.

I can see the Crayfish possibly going after the Dojo's if it's not kept fed, BUT, I don't forsee the crayfish particularly being able to catch any of them, even if it tried. Now depending on the size of the CF vs. the size of the Cory's, I doubt he'll mess with them (although the Cory's are a slight bit slower than the Loach)...still, I don't see a problem with the Cory's and the CF. Just keep him fed. You think you're gonna pick him up?
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I'm really not sure right now. Maybe in a couple of months bout right now I am slowly stocking the 55 gallon. As I said earlier the danios are going to be leaving, giving me more room to put in fish. I am also working on a convict cichlid tank because I have never been able to breed egg layers, and have heard that they are a good place to start.
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Sounds good.

So, you're evicting the Danio's huh? lol. What were you planning to replace them with again (or did you even say?)
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I am not totally sure right now but danios can get a little boring. (dull) Speaking of crayfish, today I was at a lake and someone caught one and gave it to me. I put it in a 2 gallon. That someone happens to be on fish forum. I love MY new crayfish.
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How is the crayfish doing?

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Good right now. I think.
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First of all, I know this is an old post.


I want to share my blue crayfish story. Ive had him in this 48 gallon vertical tank for almost 2 years. Hes pretty cool, although he hides during the day mostly. I added him to a nicely planted tank, and he chopped up every plant he could get his pincher on (when I got him, he only had a left pincher. the right was totally missing. it has sense mostly grown back). He has only killed a couple of small guppies and one goldfish. but i always get tons of compliments, and when he comes out to eat and explore, he is the life of the tank.

that being said, I wont get another one once he is gone. lol

here he is attacking (unsuccessfully) one of my snails

here are the plants before he chopped them all up:

here is is, first time in the tank (note he only has one claw)

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