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Don't want another million snails

I'm probably getting a 20 gal freshwater and desided a cleaning crew of snails would be a good Idea (maybe 3?) I was wondering if 2 diff species of snail would mate. I had 2 land snails in third grade that I loved dearly, but then I had a million land snails encrusted on the lid of my snailbox. my dad made me dump them in the woods. long story short, should i stick with one snail?
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oh, or maybe a snail and an algae eating shrimp? what are some good species for this?
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Welcome to the forum, Ruby.

Amano shrimps are good at consuming hair algae. Apple snails and mystery snails may be your best bet. Avoid pond snails and ramshorns. Both are quite prolific. Malayan Trumpet Snails on the other hand are useful as they dig under the substrate thus preventing anaerobic spots which can release toxins killing the fish.

Minimizing your food rations can greatly control the snails' population as are manual picking up.

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would an apple snail breed with a trumpet snail? I realy dont want to deal with offspring at all, or is there a type of freashwater shrimp that cleans the gravel instead of a trumpet?

oh, by the way, my family's beta fish was named blue. :D
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Apples and trumpet cannot breed together. Mystery snails, also known by some as apple snails, lay their egg clutch above the water line. If you don't want them, simply remove them. Or get only one sex.

Amano shrimp as Blue mentioned and also cherries and ghost. You need to be careful with the fish you have in your tank if you want shrimp.
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