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could my amano poop any more? -_-

Oh my god. I know I've read it before.. Maybe even on here, but holy cow amano shrimp poop like crazy! I remember I used to have like 10 ghost shrimp in my tank and I rarely saw any of their waste.. I got 4 amano shrimp and now there's poop like there's no tomorrow. I ended up getting rid of three and only keeping the one and I swear he refuses to die. I'm not exactly trying to kill him, but I'm hoping every time I don't see him for a while it's because he was eaten.

If I can ever catch him I'll probably put him in the newt tank for food. :X That seems mean.. But I've had this shrimp for at least six months and he drives me insane. He just eats whatever off my plants and driftwood and leaves millions of lil poos scattered about. Gross.

I think I'll stick with ghosties in the future.

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Really? My Amani's rarely poop at all! I find the Ghostiess are always going but the Amanos have like zero bio load. Huh. Kinda funny.
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I had to laugh when I saw the title of this thread. About 4 days after I'd gotten my four Amanos, I began to truly wish that I'd gotten a dark substrate. Their poop shows up on my pool filter sand like there's no tomorrow! Interestingly, after having had them for awhile, I don't see their poop as much, even though there's plenty in the tank for them eat. Especially with them always making off like little shrimpy bandits with my loaches' shrimp pellets!

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