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Smile Can Any Creature Be Humanely Kept in a 1G?

Hi to the forum. I have a 1G cycled tank that is filtered and empty. It's a 1G Aqueon MiniBow to be exact. I had my betta in it but upgraded once I started learning about aquarium keeping. My 5G betta tank is planted and I could transfer plants into my 1G and just have a nano aquascape, which I am fine with. I eventually want to continue upgrading to larger aquariums. In the meantime, can I safely keep anything in the 1G? I have been reading and see some comments that a single cherry shrimp may be happy in there. Anything else seems to need more water which I understand. As I said it is filtered, and I do regular water changes i.e. 20-25% weekly in my 5G and 50% weekly in the 1G.
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I was going to recommend a colony of crystal shrimp or red cherries (or the colour morphs of the red cherries)... a group of 4-5 to start off with will soon grow to about 50. Any excess could be moved to your betta tank, where they will help keep the tank clean!

As long as there is moss, shrimp will do fine. Kept them in tanks with no filter, heater, waterchanges (as some where still in a tank that I decommissioned) and do fantastic. In fact, the less care you put the better they are!

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Yes, shrimp - more than one would work. They have a really small bioload.

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