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Breeding Cherry Shrimp in a 'Docile' tank

I just recently set up a 10 gallon with a (male) betta, two african dwarf frogs, some ghosties and a couple of snails. I'd like to throw about 10-15 cherry shrimp in that tank to start breeding. It's not heavily decorated yet (still making design choices) but I've got a 4x8 patch of (fake) grass for the shrimp & babies to hide in.

Questions: Will the babies just come on their own? Is there anything I should add or monitor when they arrive? Will the leftover (frozen) bloodworms and tropical pellets be enough for them? And.... how can I clean the gravel under the shrimp grass without sucking up the babies?

1g - Ramshorn snail farm
10g - Dwarf Puffer & Ghost Shrimp
10g - Beta, 2 African Dwarf Frog & Ghost Shrimp
29g - 2 Mollies, 2 Platies, 3 Blind Cave Tetras, 5 Cherry Rasboras, 7 Zebra Danios (Long & Short Fin), 6 Albino Tiger Barbs
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Would be best to set up small ten gal tank for just the cherry shrimp.
The dwarf frog's and possibly the betta would likely eat tiny shrimplet's they happen upon which would make breeding the shrimp difficult.
Once you have a large colony of shrimp,,then perhap's enough would survive but with frog's present,,I would not put much hope in the shrimp's survival.
Cherry shrimp are fairly hardy,just need stable,cycled aqaurium with no predator's.
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The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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shrimp and snails won't mix anyway. One population will win out over the other. Usually the shrimp win.

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The ghosties will eat the cherry shrimp too, there a non sociable type of shrimp ;)

5g: Betta
20g Long: Endlers/Sorority/Cherry Shrimp
20g Long: Espei Tetras/Otos/Pgmy Cories/Assassin Snails

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