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that would be fine as i have ways of curbing the population so to speak...i find the crustaceans in particular interesting..i have a number but none of the ones you have obtained..if things work out for you let me know.

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Yeah, I may end up with three adults here soon. The woman I got them from is getting rid of them and she said I could just take them. The babies that are born will mainly be used as feeders for my shiners and other crays, and some day soon they will be fed to a tegu :D

I love love love these crays though. I got two at the store near me that were feeder crays. Still trying to ID them, but I know for sure that one is male and the other female. Watched the female dig herself a nice little 'den' under a rock. Was really neat. I believe she's about to shed too.

Middle TN Exotics Club

29 Gallon Marbled Tank
15ish Marbled Cray fish
A few Ghost Shrimp

20 Gallon Snail Tank
??? Gold, Brown/Black, Ivory Mystery Snails (lots of babies and eggs too)
??? Pond Snails
1.1 P. Alleni (I think...) in 'baskets' until sold...

10 Gallon Baby Marbled Tank
LOTS of baby Marbled Crayfish

10 Gallon Planted
Unknown plants
Lots of Ghost Shrimp (some berried up :D)
3 Blue Mystery Snails
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Originally Posted by Kazzy View Post
She says that the marble cray can breed with males in the same genus (or species?).
The female she originally had was housed with a blue 'lobster' at the pet store, so she thinks that his genes are just now showing up.
That's pretty darn interesting. Can you imagine all the different colored cloning cray?!?!
- There are NO male cloning crayfish, they don't mate, with anything.
- Crayfish don't mate with lobsters.
- Cloning crayfish change color depending on their diet.

That is all :)
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