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I'm so excited for you (and Bekah) and all your lil' snailybugs over there, lol! I'm sure you'll do well with them!
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Well, they're looking pretty good. I've some colors in there, or so it seem. Looks like I may get a nice mix and some bright blues and purples like I wanted. lol I suppose we still have to wait and see. I know I'm doing something right since the first batch is growing pretty well already, about two or three times the size of the newer babies.

I've moved the whole thing into the nursery tank, less chance of being swallowed by my adult fish. I've been doing some light cleaning with the turkey baster to remove food and have had little trouble with it. =) Most of that nest has hatched, still about a quarter of it left, and the second nest left untouched in the tank is still there, but it getting smaller so I know they're hatching. ^_^ Yay, so many babies! I probably have plenty of room to raise them to a certain size at least. lol I wonder how big they have to be before I can sell them, I assume at least the size of a zebra nerite snail like I have a few of, what do you think?

My 55 gallon doesn't have any snails in it because I've always had cories, but I don't have many of those anymore after that nasty went through my tank in January. Think I could happily keep three or four in there with four cories and they'd be happy and get enough food? I would certainly love to have some colorful mystery snails in there. Counting the cories and two plecos, I have 21 fish in there though, I think I'm at fully stocked, if not a bit beyond. But then I'll have about 15-16 in there once the platies go to the twenty gallon once it's done being a nursery, if I go that way.

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I'm sure you'll figure it out :) The really important thing with Mystery snails, in my experience, is that they're VERY sensitive to flux in nitrate levels. So just be very aware of the bioload(s) in the tank(s) - and keeping that number as stable as possible as they grow out. I can't imagine (lol) what the eventual bioload of 5,483 nerite-sized mystery snails will be *winks* I've seen some for sale a bit smaller than my Nerites at PetSmart, and some very, very much bigger. . . I bet if you ask over on that Apple snail forum *ahem* that they'd know!
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I'm not sure if this will help, but I found this... -elsewhere- from someone who accidentally let three clutches hatch.

The three clutches hatched over a span of 15 days - July 10th, July 14th, and July 25th. These were what I would call average-sized clutches - I've seen bigger but these seemed to be typical for the P. diffusa I have kept. About 2 to 2.5 inches long, and a little over 0.5 inches across at the thickest point.

In the time since the clutches hatched, I've been trying to tend to the snails in my 38-gallon tank, which is also home to a few fish and a small frog. As the snails got bigger, they were of course consuming more and more food, and producing more and more waste, putting a greater and greater strain on the tank - not to mention on me, trying to look after them. To make matters worse, I ran into some health issues of my own which made it even more difficult for me to look after them.

Yesterday I finally realized that I was not going to be able to care for them all long enough to get a suitable number of them to the 'sellable' size my LFS wanted. I had 2 or 3 dozen that were easily big enough, but many, many more which were not. I ended up pulling out what I estimated to be about half the number of snails, ranging in size from pea-size (lots!) to nickle-size (a couple dozen) and donating them to the LFS. I also took a handful of pea-size ones out and dropped them in my 23gal tank, which is normally a fish-only tank.

Today, now that the numbers were thinned out, I took a headcount. First in the 'fish' tank. I did not count every single snail, but visually divided the tank into sections and counted the snails in a couple sections. I came up with between 100 and 150 pea-size snails! That was the 'handful'! The numbers I took to the LFS were 3 to 4 times that. There was at least two pounds of snails in the container that I took there.

And in my 38-gal tank, now that their numbers are cut by 'about half', a headcount brings me to over 300 snails still in there. The snails in the big tank have a wider range of size - the smallest are the size of a BB, or about 3mm across, up to 3/4" across.

Using conservative figures, I am estimating that between what I still have in my 38gal tank, what I have in my 23gal tank, and what I took to the LFS yesterday, there were at least 700 to 800 baby snails, out of the three clutches that hatched.

Staying on the conservative side that is still 700 snails, each of whom as an adult would require 2.5 gallons of water, filtration, food, heat, and regular maintenance -- a total of 1,750 gallons of maintained aquarium space.

That would be thirty-five 50-gallon tanks, housing nothing but snails.

Personally, I find that completely overwhelming!
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Well, that actually is good info for me, Silverfang. =) I was confused for a moment then figured out you were quoting someone elsewhere. lol

Anywho, I think I have room for my little buddies. I may have had three clutches hatch so far, but that person got far more lucky, or unlucky it sounds like, with her numbers. Hrm...I don't think I have anymore than a hundred, but most likely less. I do have another nest and a half trying to hatch though. And also, I caught my little vixen with another man two days ago, so I have no doubts I'll have more babies on the way. If I find more nests, I'll have to do another craigslist ad to make some room. ^^; But so far I think I'm still in the green as far as room goes, at least until they're a bit bigger. Once they're all about the size of a nickel, I think my LFS would happily buy them from me. I've seen them sell them at that size, some even a tad smaller.

Surprisingly, my nursery tank which is absolutely FULL of babies of all stable and healthy. However, my grandma's five gallon tank with a single betta and one zebra nerite snail is having trouble, and my 55 gallon which is slightly understocked at the moment, or considered fully stocked possibly more by me personally(I hate having too many fish regardless of what the tank can hold, I like them to be fish and swim), is also having Nitrate problems, but nothing else. @_@ HUH! I thought it was funny so I shared. Not so funny to the fish, but on a stocking stanpoint...that's pretty funny. xD

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See? They're doing it again. lol If they turn out to be more easily bred than I'd heard, I might actually be in a bit of trouble. Well, not really, but on the money side I would be. LOL I will have to give away many babies so the ones I raise to sell will be healthy. Ah, you can also see my dark striped purple is damaged still, but she's recovering quite nicely. She used to be nothing BUT cracks and scratches. Now it's just around her edges, hopefully it'll heal soon. It has taken a couple months to fix them all up.

Anywho...SEE? See what I have to deal with? lol As if I don't like having babies around. ^_~

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I've got 100+ ramshorns snails right know and they are all adults which came from proper care and nourishing. The only way they die is by getting too close to the powerhead and they get stuck on the guard and if I see them then I just yank them off and place them on the other side of the tank. P.S. Anyone who has some extra apple snails, PM me please, I am looking for a lot because they don't sell any type of snails over here.

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