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The gh was 14 when I checked it a couple of days ago. The ph was 7,2.

I consider, that could not be the cause of death, because I have the same parameters at my home tanks and the apples feel very comfortable there, they even have lots of babies.

It was the temperature that differed and I have changed that already. Now the snails feel fine there. They're happily crawling about the tank.
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It has just occurred to me that 7,2 ph might be too low for snails. It may explain the fact that a lot of my snails at home prefer to stay in their shells.

Then I have to raise the ph. Will it not hurt the fish?
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A slow raise in PH will be tolerated by the fish. But keep in mind the higher your PH, The more Toxic Amonia is at low levels, this could cause you probelms down the road.
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It depends on the fish really. I keep my live bearer tank at 7.2-7.6 and they thrive. Somefish, like cichlids will not do well at that level but they can survive if I remember right.

I say leave things alone, you obviously have a grasp on things and the snails are thriving so you are doing something right. It sounds more like a fluke than a serious problem where something spiked all the sudden and it was never caught on a test or just one of those things.

I would say from all you have posted that the one batch that didn't survive well wasn't all that healthy when you got them. Don't fix it if it isn't broken.

The only reason to raise the pH is if you are seeing shell erosion on your snails. Click HERE to see some examples of erosion.

I have one snail out of 7 that was seriously effected by a weak shell and erosion. Why it was just this one I have no idea but it was very serious. The snail has survived and is thriving now but the damage to the shell was very severe and obvious.
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The one that died had been transferred to a tank at work. They were supposed to be the first explorers of a new environment. It was my fault that they didn't make it.

The new expedition is currently doing fine. They are quite happy there, only for some time they will stay without food Saturday-Sunday, until I buy that automatic feeder.

But I am still concerned about the rest of the family. Do they need 'new blood' introduction if they reproduce - lest they should die out because of genetic problems?

Also how can I raise ph slowly - using water conditionals? I am really afraid to harm the fish.
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Crushed coral is the best thing I know of to raise you pH slowly and naturally. It will also raise your GH and KH also.
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Thank you. I'll get some tomorrow. :)
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Glad to hear that things have got better. :)
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