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UPDATE: one snail is write up the top of the tank wall at the back and I still have one light on so obviously not shy... I wonder if I will be seeing some eggs emerge.
Does anyone know how long it takes for them to lay their clutch? Would love to watch it but it is 11 30 and after some emergency dental stitches yesterday night after having a wisdom tooth pulled last Saturday I think sleep would be nice but just... SO INTRIGUING! :D
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IT can take an hour or longer. Especially if the lady gets tired and needs to rest. It's so exciting to watch. I've got a few pictures when I caught my blue lady depositing eggs.
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Unfortunately I feel asleep right there in the chair infront of the fish.. Haven't got out of bed yet to have a look at the tank but my rottie Gus just came and gave me a big good morning lick on the face so awake now and no doubt will be looking fairly soon. Would love to see you're photos of you have a chance to post them.

Let me know what you think of my current method of looking after the eggs on the styrofoam with the paper towel Silverfang, you sound like you've done this a lot so would love to get you're opinion on it,:)

I love some of the different apple snail colours but in australia I have only ever seen or really heard of the yellow / gold ones ... Love the different blues and purples
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Keeping the air moist, but the eggs not damp is what's important. I wouldn't say I have alot of experience, but I bugged some people who did. A shame Lupin isn't around these days. He was quite the snail expert.

Also, that shouldn't be a bad idea. Let me know how it works. Just make sure the paper towel is damp, not really wet.

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I'm not sure if those were first clutches and apparently first are usually duds? Will have to wait and see
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To chirp chirp: I live in Filer, Idaho.

5g-plant nursery
1g-plant nursery
2g-goldfish tank
1g-snail nursery
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Poop I'm in Australia so that makes things a bit difficult lol.
Unfortunately the eggs got flipped over so bye bye to them!

Very very very eagerly awaiting more none the less. I wake up every AM and check the tanks with the apple snails in them and hunt down ever nook and cranny for potential egg laying.sites!... So far no luck :(

I wish there was a way I could entice them to breed / lay eggs but no idea. Some form of food aphrodisiac lol. I wish the same for guppies some times too! I'm sure someone out there has a random way for one or the other. lol. :)

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