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Apple Snail advice

Im prepared to purchase one of these apple snail, mystery snail, ivory snail, whatevers but Im seeing mixed reports regarding them. THey will be going in a 55 gal medium planted tank with i forget how many watts but good enough lol

anyway... from experience, do they eat plants? Which ones dont eat plants and how do i know?
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Apple/mystery are the same thing, apple snails. Ivory just refers to the colour of a snail.

I find they like damaged and dieing plants. They also seem to enjoy the "softer" plants. My anubis have never been touched, my pennywort, they love. Try supplementing with veggies, like a piece of cucumber or zuchinni or even lettuce leaf. They enjoy most veggies, I particularly like feeding brocolli stems. They absolutely love it.
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They have the annoying habit of cutting off a stem (wisteria, pennywort, val...) and then being all frustrated because it floated away so they go after another plant! I've tried to have apple snails with "soft" plants and I found it frustrating. I would go for zebra/nerite snails instead.
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Exactly! I've had to go for some of the "tougher" plants, anubis, java fern, swords. They don't seem to want java moss either.

Unless of course you get a cana. There are two subspecies of apple snails I've seen, diffusa (formerly called briigs), and cana. Canas... they will eat ANYTHING. I had one devour two entire java ferns over night. It pood worse than my diffusas, and he really smelled. Hadda return him.
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I have some anachris in my tank and I have only ever seen my mystery snail chomp on the not so green parts. I give him/her cucumber so maybe thats why?

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