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Thanks for the advice there folks, useful. I was wondering if, although the lobster isn't good with fish, if i put it in with some fish that were larger than it, and were also surface dwellers, such as golden panchax or similar, if they would be ok as lond as i set the tank up carefully to avoid ambush spots? just a thought.
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You never know for sure, it could work, it could be a feeding frenzy. I would make sure to keep the craw/lobster fed well just to be safe. An ambush spot is really hard to avoid because hthe lobster is going to want to find a hiding spot just because of its nature and will dig one if they have to.
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OK, update time... I went for the lobster, and got a few golden panchax to see if they would go with it, as i have discussed it with some fellow fishkeepers and we reckon that as long as it's a bare (ish) tank things should be fine. They've been together for about a month or so with no injurys. I think that this might work. The lobster was really shy at first but now comes out for food as long as i don't make any sudden movements to scare him. I'd just like to know how fast he's gonna grow, cos i've had him a month and he's gone from 2.5" to 3" which is pretty damn fast, he's also gone from a dusky green colour to a lovely greeny blue. Do i need to be putting calcium in there for him or something, I know very little about what to do with inverts, he's my first one so any advice would be welcomed.
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Custer stood a better chance at the Little Bighorn.
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Hopefully your set up is enough to make both the lobster and the fish very happy. Still, I wish you hadn't went and bought it after so many people took the time to tell you how aggressive they can be.
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I have thought carefully about it, and discussed the matter with a number of fishkeeper mates, and i understand the agression situation, if it starts to be a problem i have a tank with space for the panchax elswhere in the house. As i have said, so far it seems to be going ok. I appreciate the advice from the folks here and because of it have been able to ensure that there is a back up spot for the fish if needed.
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Then I hope it works out well, for the sake of your fish.
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