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Post Adding Snails

I am looking into buying some snails for a 20 gal fish tank to help with the algae control. The fish I have now are:

1x Male Betta
2x Blue Painted Moons (Platies)
5x Peppered Corys
1x Clown Plecos

And I'm looking to add a few more critters like platies, tetras, rasboras and ghost shrimp. While I'm mainly looking for some Otocinclus Catfish, but since the places I buy them from are out, I would really like some advice on what would be the right snail to add.

I'm looking into buying some Nerita Snails, but right now my main concerns are making sure that the snails won't escape the tank, and since I have a pre-filter for my tank, that it won't eat the sponge and leave holes big enough to allow small fish and shrimp to get sucked up.

If anybody could provide some information on what snails would be best for beginners and less trouble, it would really be appreciated.
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you do not have to worry about nerites eating holes in your prefilter. i keep nerites in open top tanks,they do come out of the water towards the top and into the filter every once in awhile. i just count heads every few days or so,to make sure they are still there. they can survive for 3-4 days out of the tank.

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And are there any special conditions I need to be aware of before I purchase them?
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I purchased 5 zebra nerites two year ago. I don't know how long they live. I still have two. I was told that they are sensitive to poor water conditions (high nitrates), low pH and soft water (they need calcium for their shell). One thing I don't like about them: their eggs. They never hatch in freshwater and they are still there, years later, glued to the wood. An eyesore for me...
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And what would I need to do to make sure that there are calcium or any other mineral in the water? Right now I need to buy a pH test strip from Wal-Mart, and right now I have some live plants and driftwood to try and keep the water in the tank at a neutral level and to absorb the nitrates in the water so that way it would be more suitable for fish like tetras. The water itself is pretty hard due to the chlorine that the town added to the water supply and even with the Aquasafe to get rid of it, it's still hard.
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Chlorine is a desinfecting gas that will easily dissipate when you let the water sit for a day or two. It has nothing to do with water hardness which is a measure of (mainly) calcium and magnesium dissolved in the water. You can check the hardness using GH (general hardness) test or a TDS meter.
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I know, the water is still hard with out, probably due to the region.
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