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a wal-mart gift card no lie
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Well my husband and I grew up with fish tanks in our homes and as our children grew we decided to start off with a small tropical tank and its exploded from there. We currently have 5 tanks running now and are planning a 55 gallon saltwater reef come march 2007. :D
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well i have had a goldfish growing up. then after me and my husband got married we dicided to start a small tank. then one day we saw our neighbors 75 gallon reef tank. so we got a 46 gallon, but had freshwater. then one day we dicided to do saltwater. so from that 46 we wnt to 72 now to our 120. we also have 2 20 gallons one fresh and one salt. what i a say its an addicting hobby.
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As kids we use to bring gold fish home when the fair ground
was about in our local park,
then progressed to a larger goldfish tank,
which one night for no apparent reason split on the bottom.
left the hobby,the fish went in the pond (thankfully it was summer)
so there has always been fish about at some time or another.
then around three years ago decided to come back to the hobby,
but try my hand at tropical fish instead of cold.
so here i am. :)

step into the light,
stay out of the shadows.
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i started because i watched my mother struggle to keep her angels alive in a 10 gallon (a no-no, i know...) and i thought, "i will start keeping fish the right way, and then i will help her get on her feet". so i started with a 10 gallon in august, and i now have the original 10, and a 46 column tank with angels.

and we both have healthy tanks now. =)

"everything happens for a reason...the hard part is figuring out what that reason is."
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When I was around 10 years old I visited my dad's friend house one day, he had a 500+ gallon tank full of cichlids and 4+ giant plecs.
He helped me set up a 10 gallon tank and even baught my first fish (guppies.)

The family hard a ruff time shortly after getting my tank, we spent some time in a shelter, I kept my fish tank running the entire time, I doub't I'd of kept my sanity without that small refuge from the struggle I was in.

13 years later I have 7 tanks running and two in storage and am addicted to plecos, go figure.
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I've always had pets of some sort, and got a 10 when I was a kid that I had a bunch of guppies and neon tetras in. I brought a catfish fry home from the lake one day, and pretty soon I had a catfish that was too big for the tank and no guppies or tetras. The cat went back into the lake, and I had firebelly newts and fiddler crabs for a while. I went to college and had to get rid of everything, then when I got my own place I started another tank, with more guppies and an african ropefish. He escaped and turned into a fishy dust bunny. I kept just guppies for several years, and then recently got my 55 gal. I got rid of all the guppies too, and put the figure 8 into their tank. Right now in addition to the tanks, my wife and I have two dogs, two cats, and a beehive :D
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A beehive? WOW, send me some fresh honey!!!! :D
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my mom owned a fish store when i was a kid... i just remember sitting in the room surrounded by big fish tanks of all types of fish.... and at home we always had at least one fish tank in every room in the kitchen some goldfish in the bathroom a betta... she took in all the unwanted impulse buys that people dropped off at the store.
then when i moved away from home i got turtles.. messy buggers... and realized i love crabs and crayfish... they were so interesting in their tanks... they just seemed like the cranky old neighbor..
then i got a 55 gallon tank at a second hand store 85 bucks for the stand lights and tank.. and i got a few koi.. then i found a 46 bow front for 15 bucks and got a few more koi.. i just felt so at peace watching them swim and eat and up root all my plants... and when they got too big i gave the koi to my mom for her out door ponds and started over with babies...
then i got pregnant with my own babies and moved across the country gave away all my fish and the tanks and now i am beginning again....
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Brother in laws fault!!!! I used to watch his all the time. They had to move. Not room for multi tanks.... I inherited 5 of his 29 gallons complete!!! And even the fish from two tanks!!!!! He kept his larger salt water tank for the apartment. I got all the freshwaters!!

Ran those for 27 years until divorced and moved here. Only one tank made the move intact through winterizing and finishing the studwall cabin. Got eggs from neighbors pond and hatched 5 goldfish. Then had to get started again.

Thanks to Buckman, Fishjoey and Calmwaters I started tropical again. Now am trading fry to the ONLY fish store within 2 hours of here!!!! Well not counting Meijer or Walmart (but they don't count as fish stores) and just as far as the LFS anyway.
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