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re new guy... again....

Hey folks. Felt compelled to say herro again, as I havnt been here in.... i dunno, alot of months. I get busy with 1000 other things and rarely have time to post. I do still have fish though!

currently I have a 10g with 6 albino cories (god only knows what kind) and 1 baby that survived from a spawn, and a teeny flying fox thats growing out in there, 1 20g fry tank where we are raising sword fry trying to get a good batch of berlin colored (orange and black swordtails) with lyretails. how cool :D we got a 20 long planted with a bolivian ram, a couple female bettas, some glass cats, a mess of small cories (some pandas and some salt n peppa) and a small albino bristlenose pleco... we got a 55 planted with about 6 adult swords, a small red eye pleco (all red, not a royal) a bunch of albino cories, a few neon tetras left, and a small geophagus (dont remember which one) eartheater with the sloped forhead growing out. his name is spike :)

my baby is a 110g non planted with a 9" flowerhorn, 5-6" gold severum, and a 5" jewel cichlid.... hopefully today the flowerhorn is leaving and we are getting a mated pair of red crested severums :D :D :D

anywhoo, thats my story and YO to everyone i knew before :)

Dedicated, converted, lowes / home depot bulb buyer!
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Hello and welcome back
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post some pic. i alot of your species i have never seen before and i am interested

I <3


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pics will be loaded up tonight :) made the swap at the LFS last night. the flowerhorn is off in her new home and my pair (mating pair hopefully) of red crested severums are swimming happily!

Dedicated, converted, lowes / home depot bulb buyer!
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Hi and Welcome back to the forum!
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hay beetle dude, welcome back.

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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