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Hi everybody,
Just registered. I'm a retired ex fish keeper (69 this month) and I'm starting keeping those little darlings again after about 25 years gap. I used to keep tropical fish way back then but ceased when i moved home during the early eighties. I have always been interested in fishing since my dad introduced me to the sport when i was about 10 years old. Have been a keen angler (mainly carp) ever since, so I suppose the branching off onto keeping tropical fish was inevitable really. I started off with a 2' tank with simple community fish. Soon I had three larger tanks in my living room (thanks to my understanding wife). One tank had oscars, two were community tanks.
During the seventies we owned a petrol garage. That was in the days before the big petrol companies started to expand their garage forecourts to todays standards of including mini superstores and larger forecourts! Ours was one of the last breed of small forecourts which was sited on a car lot owned by my landlord. The reason i mention the petrol station is because as the business was nearing its death throes, and as at that time i was passionate about keeping tropical fish, I decided to open an aquatic retail outlet on the premises! This I did, and was quite proud of what I created. The place was small, but I had one large show tank (160 gls) at the end of the room and fifteen 18" tanks flanking both walls. If i say so myself, I kept the tanks looking pristine at all times. Unfortunately the business was, as I said, nearing its death throes due to a changing climate regards to petrol stations. Also the landlord pulled a fast one on us and gave us an unexpected £12,000 debt! The business was not that viable so we were forced to cease trading and had to sell off what we could.
I like to think that i made some sort of unusual stamp in the retail market by possibly having the only petrol station in the country with an aquatic retail outlet on its premises, even if we never had long enough to experience a success with it!
So, here I am again, starting with a 3' tank (that's all I have room for now). I'm a little rusty on the knowledge and i am hoping to keep a diffent community tank than in the past. I am at present collecting all the info I can, hence joining this forum, and am taking my time before starting. I am about to purchase the tank next week. I wish to keep a couple of angels together with a couple of discus and a few small peaceful community fish. By what I have read, I am hoping the tank will be large enough. What do you think of my chances being successful?

I will be back with more requests for help and advice as i proceed.

Hope you found more story interesting. Glad to be here.


Respect those wise enough to ask for our advice.
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Welcome silent world, glad you could join us here at fishforum :)
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Welcome to the forum silent world, it's nice to have you with us

Katherine :)

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hi and welcome :D

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Welcome to fish forum. Best of luck on your venture back into the hobby. Discus are Beautiful fish. I wish I was able to provide you with more info, but I have never kept Discus before.

Take pride in what you do, for it is a reflection of who you are.

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Welcome aboard.
I was going to suggest this one but it still lacks some info but I'll try to update it.

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Hi All, Many thanks to all who have welcomed aboard. Thanks to bluefor your input. I've printed it out for reference.
Thanks again,
silent world.

Respect those wise enough to ask for our advice.
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Welcome to the forum Silent World; your story is very interesting! Hopefully you will find that fishkeeping is like riding a bicycle -- once you know how, you don't really forget! Good luck with your new tank.

You know what the definition of hobby is: something of interest that is going to cost you lots of money!
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Thanks Tracy. Nice to meet you all. I'll keep all posted on my progress.

silent world

Respect those wise enough to ask for our advice.
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Cant wait to see some pics maby?

Welcome aboard.
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