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Hello. I am a transplanted So. Californian, now in Oregon. We used to have a 125 gal reef tank, but since moving up here 5.5 yrs ago, we have not had a tank at all...till now. A couple of months ago, we "inherited" a Comet Goldfish that someone just abandoned in a house a friend of ours bought. Our daughter decided the fish was hers, so we got her a 10 gal tank for Christmas. The fish seemed to be doing well in it, but I noticed today that the water is slightly cloudy, and Comet (her name) is staying around the bottom of the tank, which I know isn't a good thing. We have our own well for water, with a Culligan Iron Clear filter attached. It's been a LONG time since I've had a fresh water 35 years, so I don't remember if it got cloudy in its early days. I haven't tested the water, not seeing the need at this time. (I really miss my reef tank, tho.)
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Hello and Welcome! I am no goldfish expert but I do know tanks need cycling before you throw a fish in. I believe one of the stages of the process includes cloudy water. If you have a freshwater test kit posting your ph, nitrates, nitrites and ammonia levels would be helpful to diagnosing the issue.

If your ammonia is high it is a good indication the tank is still cycling and this is no good for goldie as fish are very sensitive to ammonia levels. (you probably already know this from your saltwater experience)
Anyways welcome and good luck!


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Welcome to TFK! I know you don't have it anymore but do you have any pics of your prior 125gl reef? Would love to see some pics if you have any that you could share.

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welcome i hope the new tank works out :)
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Thank you for your're probably correct about the levels, and I need to get a test kit (I know...not The tank is actually my daughter's but she was so anxious to move her fish into it that she ignored me when I said she needed to wait several days before putting the fish into it (I remember that much from before). So now I have to deal with it. My husband told her it was fine..."she's just a goldfish, and they're resilient", so I backed off. Plus we picked up another comet for company (I'm sure they'll outgrow the 10 gal tank, but we have 2 large ponds outside, full of koi, a couple of catfish, and mosquito fish, so they'll probably go there at that time).
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Originally Posted by aunt kymmie View Post
Welcome to TFK! I know you don't have it anymore but do you have any pics of your prior 125gl reef? Would love to see some pics if you have any that you could share.

As a matter of fact, I do have pix of my old tank...LOTS of pix! LOL I was just looking at them the other day. I sure miss those fish. I'll get them and upload some...
Thanks for the welcome.
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hello and welcome.
look forward to those pictures :)

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The comet would need a 75g tank. Unlike the fancy varieties, comets and common goldfish grow quite large at 12-18 inches. Shubunkins are remarkably smaller though to at least 10-14 inches. A 10g is very inadequate for your comet. If a large tank is not an option, you can always try a pond or fiberglass tub that will have room enough for the comet to swim around. Filtration must also be 10x the water volume to cope with the wastes.

I'd invest in API liquid test kit if I were you and check your ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and pH regularly. Goldfish of all kinds produce a lot of wastes so you need to keep the parameters in check. Ammonia and nitrite should remain zero and nitrate not exceed 20 ppm. Doing regular water changes will resolve this issue.

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Well, I went and got the disk with the old tank pix (my DH said the tank was only 90 gal), but when I put it in the pc, all indication was there were no pix on the disk! Not possible!!! I kept putting it back in and kept getting the same response. So I went over to a site I belonged to when I had that tank, but I was unable to get into my old account. I've moved (states) since then, so my old email was still there. I put in a request to change it. If they will, I can retrieve my pix from there. I have another computer I will try to open the disk from... tomorrow.
In the meantime, I did a 50% water change and cleaned the filter from this tank. I still don't have a test kit, and hubby is still saying "they're JUST goldfish!". So I know I won't be getting them a bigger tank. Guess I'm lucky he was willing to get THIS one. At least I have an alternative...putting them out in the pond, if this doesn't work out. (I really want another saltwater tank.)
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hello and welcome to the forum...i hope you get your salt water tank too..nothing wrong with gold fish....and just keep up the partial water changes until you do get your test kit...see yah around the forum..

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