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New here and Glad!!

This is a discussion on New here and Glad!! within the Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping category; --> I am glad I have found this forum. I have learned so much from reading the questions and answers. I have had gold fish ...

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Talking New here and Glad!!

I am glad I have found this forum. I have learned so much from reading the questions and answers. I have had gold fish [1] and betta tanks for a while. I used to keep a 50gal community tank some years ago but got rid of it once the kids got into junior high and it seemed we were never home anymore. Now that the kids are doing their own thing with out dear old mom I have WAY to much time on my hands. So, I just started a 60 gal freshwater tank yesterday that's cycling right now. All the readings are good except for my pH. It is high. How can I lower this naturally or is there such a thing? I am planning a saltwater tank also but right now I am just researching about having one before I start that project. Actually It's gonna be the hubby's tank but since he hates to read I am doing all the research for him. LOL...Also even though I soaked and rinsed the driftwood I put in the freshwater tank for days, it still turned the water the color of weak tea. Will this clear up or will I have to do a water change? Once again I am really glad I found this forum and look forward to having new friends.
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Hello and welcome to FishForum.
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hello and warm welcome to you and your family. :)
the tannis that is leaking from the wood will clear over time,
your other option would be to remove it,place it in a large pan and boil it,
change the water and boil it again until you are happy with the result.
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Hello and welcome to the forum!
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Thank you for the welcome! And I had read about boiling the driftwood but it is too big to put in a pot unless it's a commercial pot at a restuarant which I have thought Unfortunatly I don't know any one that owns a restuarant. Ha Ha!
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Hello and welcome.It is a great place this forum. The driftwood in your tank is already lowering your ph . This is one of two ways to lower your ph naturally the other is by using peat or blackwater extract;which is what i use, if your using charcoal it should clear the water up.. Perhaps you could add a bit more charcoal. I like the tint and so do my fish.I had to add 2 pieces of driftwood maybe you will too if your ph is that high. I found that the wood (2pieces) lowered my ph by2. My tap water is 8.9 . Water changes get tedious because you should have the ph lowered before you add the fresh water to the tank thats why i treat a bucket of water with peat extract (black water expert). Good luck.
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hi happyfish!

Im new to this forum too! Im looking forward to chatting with other "fishy people" - as my family just rolls their eyes anymore
anyway - your wood will always leach tannins - its completely harmless and the only thing that you can do is water changes - the more frequent - the weaker the color. As for lowering your PH, I use a product called Nuetral Regulator with evey water change and havent lost a fish yet - my ph usually stays around 7. You can also lower it with peat (I would suggest it as an additive to your filter) but I dont find that method to be really stable. If you have live plants - you dont want to use charcoal (which will clear up everything including your tannins) but if you dont have live plants - charcoal is the best - just remember to remove it when medicating.
Good luck to you!
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I know I start talking about fish and everyone gets this glazed look in their eyes. Thank you for the advice on lowering the pH. I know I have said this already but I really glad to have found this forum everyone has been so nice. Thanks ya'll again!!
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