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Wink Neo hobbyist from Manila

Hi Guys,

I'm from Manila, Philippines and I sorta bump into this site while checking out some informations on filtration devices advisable for freshwater tanks and aquarium.

I'm just about 3months old in the hobby after a friend of mine gave his 40gallon tank to me, which at that time I actually don't have any intentions in pursuing the matter.

After much convincing from some friends and their commitments in providing the fishes for the tank (but the filtration device and lighting should be bought by me) I gave in.

I bought an overhead filter, bio filter aerated foam, peat colored pebbles, flourescent ligting, chlorine free and methalyn blue water treatment.

I was given 8 various Goldfishes (in accordance to the observed luck enhancing feng shui cures), 2 Black Ghost Knifes, 5 Marble Angelfish (again, in accordance to the observed luck enhancing feng shui cures).

After a week, 3 of the goldfish died together w/ 2 of the angelfishes.

I changed 50% of the water, treated the new batch that came in and went to cartimar to replenish the lost number of fishes to keep accord w/ the observed number of fishes.

Having discussed what had happened to the fishes w/ one of the LFS owners, I was compelled to buy an anti-ich/fungus/parasite water treatment and 2 1" Tinfoil (which happens to be blue tailed, sold to me at a price of a red tailed) to peck the worms and other parasites in the scales of the other fishes in the tank.

Much to my dismay, 3 of the original batch of goldfishes died a week after soon followed by the 2 BGK which i have become fond of.

Returned to Cartimar to again replenish the batch lost, and added 2 1" albino pleco, 1 1" clown catfish, 1 orange ornate bichir, and some other additional "professional" water treatment liquids.

Things went well soon after, but noticed that the fish's fins are deteriorating.

Initial thought was due to ich problems but further reading on the matter taught me that my tank has become a stressful environment for all of them to live in, my angelfish constantly

Went back to cartimar and had a customized tank for the bichir. With it is a filtration media and 2 1" albino plecos, an additional 1" China Hi-fin Sucker (nice rise of fin) and a .5" US Tiger Datnoid fish (very costly fish but cute).

After a week of saving up money, I bought a new tank exclusive to my angelfishes to lessen the aggression happening in the community, w/ it is another strain of clown catfish and 3 juvenille senegal bichirs so that the ornate wouldnt be lonely.

My housemate suggested to have our large metal bowl/cauldron w/ a water fountain set-up be a habitat for some kois, again in keeping w/ the observed luck enhancing feng shui cures.

My friend who donated the initial batch of fishes, committed once again to provide the 8 koi variants.

A week later, the 8 kois (3-5") became 6, then 5 then 3 ... I found out later that the reason for this dissapearance was they were jumping out of the cauldron due to the toxicity of the water.

Here I am again at Cartimar buying the necessary filter media to minimize the toxicity of the water and replenished the lost kois w/ bigger ones 1 1' gold scaled koi, 1 7" platinum koi, 1 3" black scaled veil tail koi, and 3 other 5" koi variants.

Soon later i have the following as my final list of FW Aquatic Tanks:

Aquarium Tank 1 (30"x18"x18" | 40 Gallons)
Ryukin (2)
Fantail (2)
Lionhead (1)
Oranda (1)
Oranda Butterfly Tail (2)
Shubukin (1)
Black ghost knife fish (3)
Chinese High Fin Banded Shark (1)
Albino Pleco/Jaqnitor Fish (1)

Aquarium Tank 2 (24"x12"x18" | 30 Gallons)
Silver Angelfish (1)
Halfblack Veil Angelfish (1)
Marble Angelfish (1)
Koi Angelfish (2)
Albino Pearlscale Angelfish (1)
Moonfish (1)
Clown Synodontis Catfish (1)
Albino Pleco/Jaqnitor Fish (1)

Aquarium Tank 3 (36"x6"x6" | 10 Gallons)
Senegal Bichir (2)
Orange Ornate Bichir (1)
Albino/Cuvier's Bichir (1)
Congo Bichir (1)
American Tiger Datnoid (1)

Aquarium Tank 4 (12"x12"x24" | 30 Gallons)
Flowerhorn Red Phoenix Juvenille (2)

Cauldron Pond w/ 2 basin on top (water fall set-up type) (188"x30" [circumference x depth] | 80 Gallons)
Japanese Koi:
Hikarimuji Gin Matsuba (2)
Hikarimuji Yamabuki Ogon (2)
Kohaku (1)
Kawarimono Benigoi (2)
Kawarimono Magoi (1)
Gin Rin Koi (1)

Cement Pond w/ 1 basin on top (water fall set-up type) (40 gallons capacity)
38 koi feeders (just to make the pond look alive and not have mosquito larvaes develop)
Albino Pleco/Jaqnitor Fish (5)

Again, the numbers of fishes kept are aligned to the observed luck enhancing feng shui cures.

What was originally the fishes that was observed to be luck enhacing: Goldfish, angelfish and Japanese Kois, coincidentally I later found out from some chinese businessmen that my Bichirs are considered to be luck enhancing as well, together w/ the Tiger Datnoid.

The 2 FH juvenilles was a gift to me by the LFS owner i frequent and one of the ryukin was also a gift to me by a chinese breeder saying that 9 goldfishes are more lucky than 8.

Water is life ... save it up!
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Nice to see you, Jpd! I just went home to Iloilo from Manila yesterday. It was such a fun I met a friend who kept snails herself and traded my canas with her brig eggs. Hoi polloi is a member here as well. I was planning to meet him personally last Saturday but circumstances prevented me. Who knows we could arrange a gathering when I get back there again.

Your tanks though are overcrowded. Are you sure you plan to keep those fish that way for a long time?

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Thanks Lupin,

I plan to transfer them to a suitable tank when they grow a bit more ... ... the lack of budget also is a constraint these days due to the holiday season

I did got a surprise early this day when I noticed that one of my Koi Angelfish is laying out some eggs and being alternately fertilized by the Moonfish & Halfblack Angelfishes.

Can't wait for the outcome ... not unless the eggs are eaten before they hatch or upon hatching, the frys become live baits ...

Water is life ... save it up!
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hello and welcome :)

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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