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Me and my pets

This is a discussion on Me and my pets within the Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping category; --> I have never formally introduced myself here. Call me Beth. I have 3 cats, 7 fish. My betta was my first fish. He picked ...

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Me and my pets

I have never formally introduced myself here. Call me Beth. I have 3 cats, 7 fish. My betta was my first fish. He picked me. His name is Flash because he kept flashing his fins up at me at the grocery store (the WORST place to get fish). Every time I walked past him, he'd swim to the front of his cup and flash his fins at me. I decided I had to take him home. Then I got my otos: Itsy and Bisty. Then came the last four: dalmatian molly named Spot, black molly named Charlie (after my dad's Charlie who literally starved himself to death chasing the girls), and two sunburst platties: Sunrise and Dusk. Spot gave birth 16 hours after I got her and now we're raising fry. I have a home for half of them. Might keep one or two of them. The rest, I'm still looking for home for.

My cats:
Mooch-torty-9 years old. Had her since she was 3 weeks. Orphaned. Feral
Patches-trouble maker-white on tabby-2 years old
Phantom-1.5 years old-vet calls her calico. Long haired. Feral. Mooch's great niece.
Phantom was going to be put down because she is skittish and refused to eat. I raced to save her life. Knew she wanted raw food (which is what I feed her) and now her official name is Phantom the Klingon.

Here are pics of my family:
Pictures by Betheny_Laubenthal - Photobucket

Please, I know that Flash should be in a 5 gallon tank or better, however, this is all I could do for now. The vase is between 2 and 3 gallons. I do 1/3 water change on it daily. It looks smaller in the picture and so does the 10 gallon tank. I had Flash in the 10 gallon tank, but the other fish were picking on him and he got stressed out. So, I moved him. He is much happier by himself. And, the photos don't do him justice. He is almost all blue in the back, deep purple in the front. I think the camera picked up on the green speckling he has in the blue area. He's red towards the bottom of him.

And, I blame my dad for getting me involved with fish. When I was a teen, he had 4 tanks.

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Welcome to TFK
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hello and welcome..
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Hi Beth, and welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum.

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