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This is a discussion on manila newbie within the Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping category; --> Could the cichlids you're talking about be convicts? Watch out! If they decide to form breeding pairs they could become quite nasty and might ...

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Could the cichlids you're talking about be convicts? Watch out! If they decide to form breeding pairs they could become quite nasty and might even beat up the larger oscars. They also breed like rabbits.
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iamntbatman, wiki shows convicts' colors are black and blue stripes with streaks of red. mine are black and gray and the stripes are full and straight, not broken and irregular as wiki shows. is there a site where i can find cichlid pics so i can determine which one i have? heck, i'll just drop by the store.

lupin, nice site. wow! suppose if i even had all the money, how many tanks will my wife let me have? will surely put this site in my links! thanks!!!
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Hoi polloi, post the pics of your cichlids. Well, I have 7 tanks right now and adding. Tell your wife tanks are certainly relaxing but unless money is not an issue, don't show her the planted tank shots. Heaven knows just how much you have to invest if you want a lush planted tank with CO2 injection. I've been there before. Thank goodness. I quitted it because it was beginning to eat through my budget. I'm currently into invertebrates and loaches so as you see my signature, it is so ironic because loaches relish invertebrates as part of their diet.

By the way, you can try low maintenance version of the planted tanks. I'm doing this currently in my snail tank. Cryptocoryne becketii, Cryptocoryne wendtii, Nymphaea lotus and Egeria densa are used here. They're really so lushy my snails like to crawl among them. I had Java moss before but my Pomacea canaliculata ate them along with the duckweeds so the canas are now in a separate tank without plants. They're approaching baseball size and should be able to by next year. If you want to know more about inverts, feel free to post in Invertebrates forum and I can help you there if you're interested. Be warned though once you get bitten by the invert bug, you won't be able to resist buying every invert you see.

Good luck!

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7 tanks! and adding! wow seems to me you got the wifey factor in perfect control. my wife stepped on the brakes after 3 tanks. i actually have 2 more empty tanks in the storage waiting in limbo.

will research on your low maintenance planted tank and see if madness develops and i barge into the house with the empty tanks. as far as inverts and loaches, well i'm still working on the fish part. hmmm... will the inverts and loaches be perfect for the planted tanks vs fish?

by the way, the pics. below are the striped cichlids i was telling you about. the stripes were much darker before.

and the ramirezis that also lost their luster. they also used to have a black streak at the front of their upper fin.

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Your striped cichlid is Tilapia buttickoferi. That's a nasty fish you have there! They can reach 12 inches if properly cared for.

I see you also bought a pacu. Do you know these fish grow to 3 feet? I had two myself not realizing they are very huge for my tanks. The moment they reach 12 inches, they were getting more agitated because my tank cannot support even one well enough. That was back when I know nothing about fish. I regret buying them but I had to destroy them. No one wants a huge fish at that time.

As for loaches and inverts, well, a lot of loaches relish inverts in their diet. Inverts are their natural prey in the wild. The only loaches that will work well are kuhlis and hillstreams but kuhlis can still eat snails that are smaller than their mouths so be careful with what you choose. Kuhlis and inverts (not counting the crayfish) are perfect for planted tank setups. You don't want to get crayfish which will prey on fish and other inverts alike. I am currently raising several snails particularly the Pomacea bridgesii and Clithon corona. The brigs are producing quickly. There is also another snail, Pomacea canaliculata, the ones we call locally 'kuhol'. I have over 80 of these with the adults racing to baseball size. You don't want these for your planted tanks though as they eat plants voraciously. I had a stray baby cana disguised as one of the baby brigs and wind up eating several of my plants much to my dismay. It's back in its cana tank now though. The brigs won't eat the plants. All snails require calcium in their diet so feed them calcium pills, cuttlefish bones, broken eggshells or calcium enriched vegetables such as collards. More information can be found in Let me know if you have any more questions. I'll be more than happy to help you there.
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tilapia... buttafuoco??? will these look like the ones we eat but with stripes??? when you say nasty, is that good or bad? will these get any better colorwise as they grow?

the pacus i had them when they way smaller and much darker. it seems like i start out with fish that will grow too large for my tank and then i go to the store and trade them for lunch (like these tilapias). by the way, i also have black oscars that are big now too at 10in. are these ok or am i getting rid of these too.

by the way, what's an ideal max length of an adult fish in a 78 gallon tank?

ok some questions on the planted tanks, loach and inverts. but first, i can only use my previous feeder fish tank for this which is 14in height x 12in front to back and length is 24in.
1. will this do for a LOW maintenance lush planted tank?
2. can i put in little cute snails and shrimps?
3. are these available in cartimar? i live in southern manila and the fish stores here don't carry them.
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When I say nasty, these are highly aggressive fish. I would never put them with anything else especially as they grow to a foot size. As for the oscars, one is fine for a 70g although the bigger the tank, the better. If you want to mix it with other large fish, then double the filtration of what you have right now and do large weekly water changes to cope with the bioload. To me, I'd simply stick with the smaller ones. Monster fish are not exactly something that strike my fancy especially when they tend to demand plenty of space and other accommodations. You'll be better off with smaller community species, Hoi polloi. They're much less hassle compared to the large cichlids, pacus and snakeheads. If you want to try another fish, please ask first before attempting to get it.

To answer your questions...
1. Yes, they will be fine in low maintenance planted tank setups.
2. Yes, you can but like I said earlier, select the fish at your own risk. Many fish eat shrimps especially when they molt as they shed their shell which makes them more vulnerable to predator attacks. If I were you, try the pencilfish, emperor tetras, Danio margaritatus, ember tetras, flame tetras or neons/cardinals.
3. Shrimps are available in some shops. Try Many people there breed crystal red shrimps, bumblebee shrimps and red cherry shrimps. I believe they can cost 30-40 pesos each but they tend to proliferate quickly especially in heavily planted tanks. My shop carries tiger shrimps and skunk shrimps but as they're rarely available, they cost 200 pesos each. As for the snails, only the Clithon corona is available at the moment in some stores. I bought all 10 of them at 100 pesos each. Nerites will never breed successfully in FW. They need varying salinity to be able to breed. Go to the Pet Solutions forum owned by Bonifacelan in or contact him in his cellphone number (see my PM). He sells variety of Sulawesi snails and nerites at the moment. Sulawesis are plant eaters though so this is very unfortunate but they are very rare at the moment and are breedable in FW. They range from 2-3 inches in shell size.

I have the Pomacea bridgesii at the moment and breeding them. Currently have over 100 of these but they're not for sale yet as the ones I received have slight shell damage due to the acidic pH they were in from their original owner and the babies are still really too small to be sold. The original owner will not be selling at the moment though as she is trying to focus on her dogs and slowly getting back her attention to her snails. I will inform you when I can sell them but probably it'll be due next year. I am also searching for other snails so I can breed them and sell if I get a few extras.:)
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See these threads for inverts you want.
Pet Solutions-Sulawesi and nerite snails
Sulawesi Shrimp and Snail - PALHS Online Community Forum

Crystal red shrimps and bee shrimps
Crystal Red Shrimp for sale - PALHS Online Community Forum

Inverts thread...You'll find plenty of people who breed them.
inverts thread - PALHS Online Community Forum

I don't think I know of anyone else who owns and breeds brigs other than me and my friend who sent them. Will be posting pics of my brigs, canas and nerites soon enough when I upload them. They're just waiting in my camera.
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Old 12-04-2008, 07:55 PM   #29
ok lupes, as i type this my mind plays roy orbison's you really got me. this forum and palhs will soon hear from my wife. but i will start with the 20g tank and see how it goes before i attempt anything on the 78s.

the 20g tank is atop a kitchen counter and in a corner with with windows on either side. so its not necessarily dark, it gets a fair enough amount of light but not direct sunlight. in the palhs page i went to on plants, some say 'minimum light needed'. do the light conditions stated above fall into this description? because the overhead light of this tank is the one attached under the cabinet situated above it. and the switch to this light turns on all the other lights tucked under all the cabinets in the kitchen. its a modular kitchen cabinet thing. and i can't seem to fit a separate light in between the tank and the cabinet.

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Yes, the 'minimum light needed' falls to the low lighting plants. They do not demand too much lighting, ferts and CO2 dosing. I had been through this one and it was too much of a hassle for me although some may disagree but I will not bother with high lighting again. The following are undemanding and easy to keep.
1. Egeria densa
2. Hornworts
3. Java ferns
4. Java moss
5. Anubias
6. Cryptocoryne sp.
7. Hygrophila sp.
8. Nymphaea lotus

Cut off the leaves of the lotus that reach the surface so the light can penetrate to the bottom. Please PM me your number. I will be going to Manila on December 15 so there is no telling when we could possibly meet.
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