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this is a 80g bowfront marineland pond system with a built in 35g sump on back i will be making it a sw and putting it where at present my zebra tilapia is housed so that no one can mess with it

this is a display case that i got for free, if it works that my glass guy can remake it i will have a killer 365g tank
70 inches x 36 inches by 32 inches if not my chameleon is gonnna have one heck of a new home LOL

a couple of wall shots showing places where tanks will go, we have lined up a 168g marine set up with a killer stand and sump depends to see if we will use it as fresh or sw maybe brackish

the 180 and the other 75

now again please ask before you jump on me for stock the answers will surprise you im not a idiot fish keeper but a man on a mission

180 community monster tank

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i almost forgot bonita the zebra tilapia in her 65 fortress of solitude cause shes a meanie, but she really actually looks like she wants a male in her tank im gonna wait till i have emergency tank up in case she tries to kiill him

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wat school is that at? welcome
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i am located in the university of regina, regina, saskatchewan, canada
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hello and welcome.
gosh that's a lot of tanks !!
how do you get the time along with running a bussines to do it all ?

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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therein is the beauty of having 30+ years as a chef being coupled with a food outlet located in a university the menu here is really kind of a joke for me wraps soup and salad very easy and really only a peak period of 3 hours with the rest being coffee etc...

so makes for lots of spare time but hey im not knocking it i actually dont mind ive spent my fair share of time in the trenches and dont mind a easy make right now
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Now thats alot of fish!!! Cool pics!!!
You have any info on your glass eels?
I saw some for sale online, but did not find a lot of info on them. I am thinking they are brackish and I have a newly set up 55gal brackish tank. How big do they get? What do they eat? Are they easy to care for?
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from what i know of them when you get them young they are in a larvae type stage that when they get bigger they transform and migrate to their mating grounds

im always on the look out for strange fish and got these when they were 3 inches the person at the lfs did not really know anything other than that they lived under the substrate and only come out really to feed, i will have to a bit more research into them since if they are a brackish fish then i must get them to brackish as it will make them live better

if my study i just did on this show me right these are the smallest stage of an adult eel and i could very well have a monster on my hands ill phone my lfs where i got them to see if they can give me info , i just got them on the phone an they are getting me the latin name he did tell me that it grows to about 2 feet and as he says can do any range from fw to brackish-SOMETIME I HATE LFS EMPLOYEES

this is what they came up with the name anguilla anguilla web site to go to would be

Marine World - Article about European eels

now i have a fish mission to go on thanks for bringing this up for me to look into so much for the lfs employee
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here is another web site ive come up with



it would seem i will have a very interesting fish that lives a killer long time this is gonna make a killer tank im so gonna set one up just for them since monster fish are hard to come by here im sure these will make an interesting tank

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Cool, thanks. Maybe I will find more info with the new name. I was not sure about the brackish, they were listed as brackish at the online store I was looking at, but I have seen alot of fish mislabled as brackish on online stores!
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