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Thanks Jackie I'll remember that!
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Hi Jackie,

Everything's going fine. Death is a big "NO-NO" to me now. I'm really being cautious. I still have 4 platys and one I just recently knew what it was, thanks to Amelierose82. She told me it was a lyretail molly. I think one of my female platy is pregnant. I just finished redesigning my aquarium to give them excitement. I'm so glad I can read my fish now.. what they want or if they're bored or if they're sick. maybe because I observe them a lot. too much reading in the forum helps.. big time too! i'm planning to grab a male molly after lunch so my female molly stops bullying my platys. and maybe another female.. so my two males will quit chasing my pregnant platy. I wonder why they don't chase the other female who just gave birth? yeah she's the one which ate all her fries alright. both males were fighting over the pregnant platy and she's stressed of them already. So far.. all were happy with the new set up.. they explore a lot.. it's like they're in a different area now.. lol
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Help! Platy with white gills

Please help me! my marigold platy's gills are white, she is pale a breathing heavily. she swim like she's dizzy too and really weak. right now she's in quarantine i placed her in my 1.5 gal tank. but she's eating though whenever i give her food. what shall i do? can't loose her. help!
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Unhappy platy fish lying on the gravel

Can anyone tell me why all my platys just lying in the ground? i already did 50% water change it seems they're sick.. ans some of them stay in near the oxygen.. im not sure if it's nitrate causing it...
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