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Hi Im new here and im a beginner

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Hi Im new here and im a beginner
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Originally Posted by 1hitu View Post
can i have 10 guppies and 3 to 4 bandit cory ?
Those bandit corys are cute, aren't they?

That would probably be too many fish in the 10 gal. Once your tank is cycled you could work your way up to maybe 5 guppies and 4 bandit corys. MAYBE a few more depending on how much time you're willing to spend taking care of your tank.

You have to add fish s-l-o-w-l-y. I am hoping some other people who know more than I do will chime in here tomorrow, but if they don't...I recommend two guppies to start with in the ten. Once the tank has cycled [did you do you reading assignment? ] then you can add a couple more, and so on.
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Hi There,
I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings but sadly Koi are an even bigger problem than the goldfish. Koi grow HUGE and this is why they are considered a large pond fish, the sales person should not have sold them to you:( to keep them in a tank your tank would also have to be huge. My grandfather kept koi in a massive 8 ft tank and even this is not a good idea. This is why it is so important to read about each fish before you buy it, I know its hard not to be impulsive when you're in the shop but if you get it right at the begining you will be rewarded. You could return the Koi to the pet store and swap them for some hardy plants that the Angel fish would like (Java Fern, Wisteria, Amazon Sword, Pygmy Chain Sword).
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keepsmiling (05-23-2013)
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koi need 400 gallons per fish.

also i'd suggest losing all the goldfish. they won't do well in your tank. Also, bettas do not do well with cichlids (angelfish are a member of the cichlid family). the angels will probalby kill the betta.

You can add cories to the 50 gallon tank though.
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jakinthebox (04-29-2013)
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Hello and welcome!
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Old 05-16-2013, 03:42 PM   #36
I'm new to this as well :)

Well to start I did what a typical beginner did put water in the tank and then fish. Lol I knew you had to cycle saltwater tank which was my original plan but financial reason that's not going to work. So freshwater all the way. Anyway took the fish back after I did research( my pet store ppl are not the brightest). Kept one a rainbow shark. It's a 40g tank with gravel a temporarily fake plant and fake rock. HOB filter. It started out fine got a little cloudy and then turned a tinge green? I think it was all the light on it. I think it's been about 6 days. No light and 2 25% water changes so far. I know I'm not doing this right from the beginning and don't know where to pick up? :(
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Hello and welcome. Please take the koi back to the store, and do not buy anything else from that store. Koi can get upward of several feet long.I have a friend with a 3500 gal pond, and she won't put koi in it, it's too small! You can keep three to four fancy goldfish in a 55, but commons and comets need a much larger tank, preferably a pond. Please as suggested, read up on the nitrogen cycle of a tank. You will need to do water changes and get test kits to test the water, so you know how far along the cycle is, and when to change the water so the fish do not suffer.
If you want a community tank, perhaps look at some smaller fish, like neon tetras or other small tetras. Some bottom feeders such as corydoras perhaps, but any of these schooling fish need to be kept in large groups also to feel comfortable and school properly. I would suggest you slow down and have patience until you do some research. Nothing good ever happens fast with keeping an aquarium. Good luck!
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