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Talking HI From PR.

Hey guys.. i love this forum! got tons of information. im actually not new to fishtanks. ive had them since i was 7. but most of the time it was trial/error. and yeah i had a good trials. but i never knew anything of pH, ammonia, nitrites or nitrates. but i was 7, jajaja, cmon how many 7 yr olds understand that?
but now, 10 yrs later, i gave up on fishtanks for a couple of months, mostly because i didnt had the time.
but once a aquarist, always an aquarist.. right?
so i regained interest after about half a year or 8 months of not doing anything with my tank, and this time i decided to relearned from previous mistakes and basically start from scratch since i have many lessons to learn that cant be learned from experience (again ammonia talk again.. ). but i have my fair amount of experience with aquariums and i think most importantly, which fish go together and care levels, etc. which i think is really valuable knowledge and what i don't know i can simply learn from here.

I currently have a 60 gallon vertical octagonal tank (yeah i wish i didnt have a vertical but, it was a gift) with 1 bloodparrot in good conditions, not deformed or bulge and kinda aggressive and unshy.. (not dyed, completely natural, against dyed anything), 1 pleco, and about 10-15 assorted tetras. they go along well, unless you put a tetra too small, which sometimes in inevitable since common fish stores employees are duumb and put smaller ones even when you tell them not to.

So i hope to see you around the site learning from you or giving you advice. great site! and keep it up!
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Hello and welcome to the forum.

Glad to hear that you're back in the hobby. Any way you could post a picture of that tank? It sounds really interesting.

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Welcome to TFK! I also want to see a pic of your tank. I can't say I've ever even seen like you are describing. Any pics you can share? We LOVE pics.

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Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping!

Anything you need to know about fish is right here (Tropical Fish Keeping).

small fry,

FireOasis - 3g
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CichlidHaven - 55g (under construction!)
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HermitBase - 10g
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x1 Convict Cichlid Pair (actively breeding)
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the octagon tanks arent the best for stocking but i think they make a nice show piece.well welcome aboard the forum. and i suppose i will be eeing you around..ADIOS.

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sorry guys, late at night when i wrote that, its hexagonal, sorry i was sleepy and imagined my tank with 2 more sides.. :P

well here are some good pics.

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Welcome to the forum. It looks like you'd need a really long gravel vac to reach the bottom of your tank? Is it hard to clean?
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Hi from NV! Welcome to TFK.


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yeah its hard to clean it, i normally clean it but not as often as it should be, as it requires a lloong arm and work. im taller than the tank thankfully so i can reach w/o much trouble now.

and hi!
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hello and welcome. :)

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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