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Hi All

Hello fellow fishy friends,

I am not new to fish keeping, in fact I have been fish keeping for about 6 years now. I had a 55g set up last year but took it down because of time constraints.....I currently have a 29g set up and going to get the cycle (fish-less) going in a day or two. I have a bit of time to decide what fish I want, but I know I definitely would like an active tank. Community fish for sure!

So here is where you all come in.......what is your favourite community fish and why??

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welcome to the forum..this is a very friendly site with lotsa helpfull info even for a veteran...post up some threads and we will reply...ADIOS...
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Hi and welcome.

I like all of my fish, I don't really have a favourite.

I love my cories, I love the way they sit, then fossick, then swim up and down. They are always doing something. Someone else described them as being like puppies and I think they are. Lovable, and cute.

My new dwarf neon rainbowfish are good. They get on with all of my tetras - everybody swims up to them without any fear and they all mix in together, the tetras don't shoal. They don't chase, and they don't get chased. They sit in front of the glass and look at you. If you put your finger up to the glass, they still sit there, looking at you. They are terrific fish and I'm glad I got them.

I love my black neons. My last guppy has been accepted into their group. They just like to swim and don't cause any "drama" in the tank.

I love my platies because they are colourful and now they are BIG so they have quite a presence in their tank.

I love my pristella tetras because they do the shoaling thing. They look good in their little swimming group.

Finally, my rosy tetras. They are shy, but when they come out, they just swim and don't bother anyone. They are appearing more now than when I first got them, so they are getting to feel at home.

I like the way all of my fish get on and I don't have to deal with any fighting or bullying.

I wish I had more tanks, so I could select more fish varieties.....
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Welcome to TFK, flutterbye75. We're happy you joined us, the more the merrier!
My personal favorites are Discus and loaches. Discus for their beauty and very cichlid like behavior, loaches for their level of activity and playfulness. I'm not sure what I'd stock a 29gl with but I know I would have a shoal of dwarf chain loaches.
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Welcome to the forum, its been useful for me. for a freshwater community I would always look at tetras they are beautiful. I am currently setting up another 30g to do a tetra community. I also would suggest endlers. They are small and the males are beautifully colored. You can start with three and in 6 months have to many then you know what to do with .
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Hi flutterbye

Welcome to the forum. If you're looking for color too, I'd go with platys or guppies with some cories for the bottom of the tank.

But I'm also loving my tetras. I've got pristella, serpaes, and emperors in my community tank and the pristellas and serpaes are pretty active .

Good luck in your decision making.
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me like small fish and huge tanks XD lookie in my aquarium log hehehehe my fav would be guppies
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welcome.....and my fav would have to bee guppies :):):)
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hi and welcome.
clown loaches,neons,rummy nosed tetras. just to name a couple.
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Hi and welcome to TFS! I have only been in the forum for a short while but i have allready leared a huge ammount about fish keeping. My personall favs have to be discus and loaches. Discus probably wouldnt do well in your size aquarium but there are a veriety of loaches that would love it and be suited just fine in your size set up.
Happy fish keeping!
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