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Hi all!

Hi everyone. my names Dan and I just got my new aquarium yesterday. I am a complete newbie at this fish keeping business so lots of help and advise would be very much appreciated

Ive got a 300ltr tank with no fish in yet as i only set up yesterday.

It is a tropical freshwater tank so what would be the best sort of fish to put in? and why?

Thanks guys & girls


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Hello and welcome to the forum.
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Hello and welcome to the forum! Congrats on the new tank! Looks very nice!

Do you plan on cycling the tank with fish? If so, you will want to start out with only a few hardy "cycle" fish,
that can live through the cycle of a new tank. You will need a good water testing kit, such as the API freshwater liquid testing kit.

There are lots of friendly knowledgeable people here, and we love to help. So, feel free to ask lots of questions.
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Hello Dan

Welcome............First let me say, very nice tank setup, love the low profile light hood..........On suggesting types of fish for your tank is a little premature...........As Twistermom stated, you should purchase an API master test kit.......a test kit is very important to have, especially when your first starting a tank......First it will allow other members to know the Ph of your water and allow us to make reccomendations for your tank stocking.......Second, you will need to monitor the ammonia, Nitrites, and nitrates thru the beginning cycle of your tank..........With the members here knowing what your water is like, it will allow us to help you alot easier........
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Hi Dan, welcome to the forum! We're glad you decided to join us. I also love that lo-profile lighting on your tank, very nice. As already stated above water params would be good to know before any fish suggestions are made. At first glance I'm thinking (maybe) your ph might be on the higher end of *normal* (due to the type of rock & sand substrate) so perhaps a cichlid tank? Just a guess, I could be WAY off base.
Once again, welcome to the forum!

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hi there.
good ole london water !! cichlids.....mabuna ?
there are other fish you can have,however for the rockies you have going on there,
cichlids would love it.
beware that they love to dig,and if the rocks are not down in the substrate they will
give you a rock fall very quickly.
nice tank.
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Thanks for the welcome gang! so i decided to get some cichilds and here they are...

2 red top zebras
2 yellow labs
2 aceis

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Some very pretty fish!
Did you buy a test kit or have your ph tested? You will want to test both the tap and tank water for differences.

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Great tank setup perfect for africans!!! i have a very siumular stock as you feel free to pm any Q's man and again NICE SCAPE!!!
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where do you get your from ??
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