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im new to the forum but ive been lurking around here for a number of weeks. im gonna start a new tank because all of my poor fish died from the terrible ich. im gonna put different ish in this time. im thinking of putting one (1) male betta, four (4) red wagtail platies ( 4 females to 2 males). and maybe some mickey mouse platies. would this be a good combination of fish for my 20 long tank? i have a filter thaat angs on the side of my aquarium and i have visi-therm deluxe 150 watt heater. i think i have all the necessary equipment since i previously had the tank filled with life for about a month. this is my first aquarium and i think all of my fish died because i was ill prepared for the ich and didnt treat soon enough. so anyone got any advice? thanks
- Ollecram :D
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warm welcome to you.
are you going to cycle your tank with fish or do the Fishless cycle ?
sorry you lost all the others befor. :(
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Sorry you lost your previous fish. I am new to all this myself, so won't be much help. Just wanted to say hello and welcome!
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can you explain to me how to cycle your tank? I'm pretty new to fish keeping and i want to make sure i do everything right to ensure the proper care and wellness of my little critters.
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ok have a read of this,and see how you get on,
there should be peeps around to help with any questions. :)
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i read that link, but i dont know how to do a fishless cycle. after i put in my new water and dechlorinated it, i put in my Top Fin bacteria supplement. now what?
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sorry taken so long to reply.
ok you need a sorce of Amonia. pure amonia from a hard ware store.
i really need someone who has done a fishless cycle to help here as i did
not do it that way.
if you know someone with an aquarium you could ask them for
some media from their filter that would help a lot,
hang in there and i'll see what help i can get you.
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