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This is a discussion on Hey Ya'll! within the Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping category; --> Ok, so pardon the poor quality pics, but fish are kinda hard to capture on a rinky cell cam! More and better quality to ...

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Ok, so pardon the poor quality pics, but fish are kinda hard to capture on a rinky cell cam! More and better quality to come, don't go blind trying to see them! LOL

Main - 20 gallon Freshwater fish tank
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Originally Posted by MsNaFew View Post
Hi, I'm MsNaFew and I'm addicted....to fishkeeping and have a multi tank habit.... LOL
Thanks and pics are coming! Can't wait to show my fish off to everyone!
Ha ha...

You'll see "MTS" alot on this forum. It's called Multiple Tank Syndrome
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Guilty as charged! LOL

Whoa.... Speaking of charged....got to grab the mailman before he knocks on the door, thereby alerting my poor beleaguered guy to another tank delivery! And condemning me to another round of " But babe! Just where do you think you're gonna put THAT one? Seriously?!"

Gotta run!
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Originally Posted by MsNaFew View Post

Wow! Thank you, thank you, thank you-for all of the great info! I never expected more than a few welcomes and hey howaya's, when I joined the site and I gotta say, I'm blown away. I realize now that what I THOUGHT I knew, about fishkeeping is either outdated ( NO old chick jokes please-I'm still 19...in my mind anyway ) or just completely wrong.

This site is great! I haven't been so into a hobby since....well, when I was about 12 and breeding and raising guppies ( back when we wrote on stone tablets ) in a ten gallon tank with a few gallon bowls for babies! LOL

All I can say is I don't know nuthin' 'bout birthin' no babies ( guppies anyway ) And this was supposed to be a relaxing hobby, to help me de-stress after taking care of persnickety patients all day. I was up until 3 am this morning, me, a grown woman of the advanced age of 37 (sshh) peering into a tank, anxiously waiting for these gupps to drop. They haven't, by the way....probably waiting until I'm not standing over them. ;)

Thank you for all of the info, the black mollie is definitely ready to pop and now chasing her mate around. My platies, well um, I know I have a male and female for certain but she' just isn't into him' I guess, because he doesn't court her and she doesn't even notice him. Oh well. LOL Such is life.
You're welcome. By the way, until last summer my experience with "breeding" guppies was older than yours - probably older than you (37 is still 19, isn't it? but then, I'm almost 52, and I don't care who knows). I was able to get back into the hobby last year because I moved my office into a house that had a 47g empty tank in it, complete with stand, glass cover, and light fixture - even the bulb was still good. They told me they'd haul it away, unless I wanted to keep it. I kept it, added a filter (the one there had died) and a heater, and fish! I wanted guppies because I had them as a kid, and we tried to save all the babies - yes, in bowls, without heater or filter - I'm surprised any of them lived! I discovered platys and cories while investigating compatible tank mates, and I was off and running.

I've had I don't know how many babies since then - until recently I only pulled a few out now and then. At the moment I have about 135 platy and guppy fry - two drops of each - between 3 and 6 weeks old. Most, if not all, will be going to a locally owned petstore in another couple of months.

Anyway, even though I'm sometimes up till all hours changing tanks, trying to get a parasite outbreak under control, or sewing moss onto plastic canvas to make tank dividers, it is very much a relaxing hobby. I can sit and look at my fish for hours. They all have names, except the fry and the neon tetras. I'll no doubt name any fry I decide to keep, but I can't tell the neons apart well enough to name them. Have fun with your new hobby! If you spend time watching your fish, they will teach you most of what you need to know, and you'll be an expert before you know it.

By the way, I haven't had any molly fry yet, so let me know if what I've said about guppies and platys holds true for mollies, too.
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You sound very much like me! I am up and running hither and yon, to the amusement of my guy and my son is usually my willing helper. I have treated outbreaks of parasites and dropsy, learning about all sorts of things the hard way. LOL but the way I see it, I haven't lost any fish and I will remember the things I've learned. Well....except for remembering to balance my MTS habit with that of my bank account.

I can and do watch my fish for hours on end, so very relaxing unless I'm on fry patrol. This has definitely provided me a chance to focus more on fish and less on work related stress. As for tank mates, I'm wondering about the theory I read somewhere yesterday, I cannot remember where, that mollies are less likely to eat their fry. Hmm....guess I'll find out shortly!

As a hobby, I couldn't have chosen better, as it has drawn my son in, away from video games ( bleh ) and provides both us an outlet, as we both suffer from mexican jumping bean disorder ( ADHD ) ;) So all in all, I only wish I had done this sooner!

Still, I just wish I could convince these females to drop and get on with raising the fry and encountering, I'm quite sure, a whole new challenge, such as- where to put them, who to cull and who to breed. LOL I love it!
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Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum. As you've already found out, there are lots of helpful members here.

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Thanks! Yes indeed, great site and awesome people! ;)I've learned more in several days, than I have in several months!
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welcome aboard...this is it when it comes to friendly informative peoples...MTS sure is hard to control isnt it..especialy with live bearers...at least you have a partner in crime.see yah around the forum.ADIOS.
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Hey thanks! LOL Yes, a willing partner and often an accomplice! My son often whispers to me, "Mom, we just really NEED t and I won't tell if YOU won't!"

My son will look with me at different strains of guppies on AquaBid and other places, to get ideas ( We currently have a powerful lust that's hard to deny for these full platinum guppies, they are SO gorgeous and I MUST have, I mean, WE must have them, and the other 20 gal long, and the...where was I? ) as well as to best plot and plan on the DIY stuff, to hopefully save money.

I've come to the conclusion that being a nurse doesn't adequately support my, I mean OUR habit!
Yes indeedy, I couldn't have picked a better mother-son bonding hobby if I had tried, and to me, that's worth everything. Now, about these full platinum guppies....
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Wow, we are a lot alike - I even share your diagnoses - ADHD and MTS both. They aren't a good mix, because the impulsivity of ADHD makes it even harder to control the MTS.

Fry patrol - ain't it fun? I separated another guppy mom yesterday, and now I have another 18 guppy fry, in my 3g quarantine tank, in addition to about 100 in my 20g long and another 30+ split between two other tanks. (I moved 14 of the oldest guppies (6 weeks old Monday) to my 10g a few days ago, since it was only housing 2 adult guppies and one very small but adult male platy. I moved another 2 dozen or so to my 14g with my 7 neon tetras yesterday.)

Then I went out and bought a 66 quart (16.5g) Sterlite bin for 6.99 at my local grocery store as a second grow out tank. I have it full of water, as well as filter media and gunk from the tanks I changed recently - 2 Saturday, 3 Sunday, 1 to go - to start the cycle. If I can manage to stop myself from raising more fry until these are old enough to sell, then I can breed the guppies I bought specifically for that purpose without needing more tanks. Maybe the bin could even hope to be used as a bin for something other than fish someday. Maybe.
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