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yeah i think you'll need a refigium and a protein skimmer too for sw...

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Ya the skimmer can be a hang on so you don't need a sump which is were you would put a fuge it's all in the understanding sumps article. There is alot to it, I've been studying it for over a year and tomorrow I am starting. Just study first before jumping in.
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Thanks again yeah i have been looking into it alot. we just bought the basic for right now. i want to go with about 20 lbs of rock. i can get FIJI rock here for 2.50 a pound. Rock here is cheap. Really the only thing i want to swim around is going to be a trigger. Maybe a clown fish or two. im really into just having the critters not the fish.
What is a good skimmer to look into? I got to be careful i dont make to much on medical bens from the Army.

I have a Meter and a Thermostat.
For those items i need can anyone point me to a good site for it?

Thanks again everyone and it was my Pleasure to serve this great country
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Well I don't know what to say. Maybe just post your last question in the saltwater part of the forum and get a pro to help you.


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1st and most of all my deepest gratitude for you and yours for your service to this country.
2nd welcome and i hope you really enjoy your time here....
3rd and most fun for me;
unfortunately a lot of us dont come in here to check new member threads (sorry i am just lazy LOL) so hop up to the salt water section and start a new thread there with details on what you are looking for and kinda the idea of what you are heading for...
then we can really get going.... and as for a budget a lot of peole think you have to have brand A personally i think i prefer brand B (B= BEARWITHFISH) you can make a lot of what you need your self and often take items intended for other things and modify them to fit what you need.... trust me you can do it with out breaking the bank... just two words of MAJOR advice (um admittedly i dod not under stand these two words at first)
GO SLOW.. see you in the salt section!!!!!!!!

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Haha sounds good and the only reason i want to do a budget is so if i mess up and kill everything i did not lose a arm and leg
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