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Talking hello there!

Hiya! My name is Akuma and I have mulitple tank syndrome and 18 fish! I own 9 bettas, 7 guppies, and a corydora (very bad fish sitter killed his three friends TuT) I've had fish for as long as I can remember, and even before that. I've only had bettas though, and kept them in small tanks.
Three years ago I got a divided 2.5 gallon and a red veiltail male that my brother named Ocean-Pony and a blue twin tail male named Sebastian. Sebastian only lived for about a month before wedging himself inside of an ordainment and dying.
After that I got Zico, a crowntail male that i don't quite know what his coloration was called, grey with blue and red tips on his fins. Very beautiful. But after a couple of months he got sick and I didn't want anything to do with Ocean-Pony and Zico anymore and I put the tank in my brother's room where they barely got fed and stayed in the cold. My step-dad bought a heater eventually and they seemed to both perk up and only then I moved them back into my room.
After Zico died I was devastated, and at that time my best friend got hugely involved in bettas and had four. I bought a 0.8 gallon and two new bettas! These two bettas were a pink and purple veiltail male named Kumajouro and a blue, white, and red marble halfmoon named Koda. Koda was the fish that really got me into fish keeping. He was a stunning sight and had such a cute personality and I adored him and he seemed to like me.
He and Ocean-Pony (who I'd have for about a year and a half at that point, maybe even two) slipped through the divider and got in a really bad fight, Koda was almost dead.
I had received a 10 gallon tank that I never wanted to use but now was that time. I eventually filled up that ten gallon with a heater, filter, guppies, and corydoras.
Also after I set up the ten gallon, I whisked Ocean-Pony away to a 0.5 gallon he'd sit in for months and bought two new male bettas to put in the divided 2.5 gallon. They were Tarou, a cellophane twin tail halfmoon, and Icho, a black twin tail halfmoon.
I started doing research and found out how horrible the tank they were in were for them. But the death of Koda wounded me and it took about 2 months for me to get enough money to buy a new tank and I did, dividing it and buying a third betta, Allistor, a cambodian dumbo halfmoon.
Ocean-Pony is now three and lives in the 2.5 gallon all by himself, with plants and a couple of decorations. I have three 10 gallons also, two divided for bettas. So in total my bettas are Ocean-Pony, a red male veiltail, Tarou, a now half cellophan and half grey male twin tail halfmoon, Icho, a black male twin tail halfmoon, Allistor, a male cambodian dumbo halfmoon, Calypso, a Cambodian crowntail female, Aggie a female cambodian veiltail, Aqua Marine a female blue crowntail, Lucifer/Luci a blue white and black halfmoon male, and lastly Kessel, my male dream fish, a black with silver scales crowntail.
And those are my fish!
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welcome! Glad to hear that you did your research and definitely improved their life! I'd love to see some pics of the fishies in question, they sound so cute!

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Welcome ad do share
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Hopefully the pictures uploaded! The second picture is of Aqua-Marine ^u^
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Hello and welcome to the forum. I'm still chuckling over the name Ocean-Pony :)

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Originally Posted by Romad View Post
Hello and welcome to the forum. I'm still chuckling over the name Ocean-Pony :)
XD He was originally my brother's fish, so he got to name him. Before Ocean - Pony, we had two female bettas, a blue halfmoon if i remember correctly and a red veil tail. The red female was also my brothers, and her name ended up being Lego - Girl.
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