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OK, just checking. :)
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Someone else will have to tell you about cycling. There are a couple of threads about cycling in the betta section of the forum. Yes, you need to use water conditioner. I use Aquasafe by Tetra. Other people use one called Prime but I don't know who makes it.
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Great post here on cycling. It is number 2.

Also a betta STICKY...
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You'll want a 50 watt heater for a 10g tank. Note that keeping betta sororities is something of a risky business. You must have a very heavily decorated (i.e. planted) tank to create enough hiding spaces, and even if you do everything right there's still the chance that your fish simply won't get along. Whenever attempting this, always be prepared to move fish to separate tanks if needed.

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hello and welcome.
i hope you enjoy your stay here with us.

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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I've read the sticky-- very helpful. And I finally understand the whole cycling deal, thanks Cody.
I do hope to have a happy stay.

I plan to get lots of hidey places and I will have extra cycled tanks setup for a backup. Thanks for all the help everyone!
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Wow. Your plants look great.. What type(s) do you have in there??

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Wow... I added everything together and the cost for all the fishies will be around $100-$120, including the fish and a few medicines.

How much did your fish cost?

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Bettas at pet stores generally cost about $5, give or take.

"Specialty" bettas that are bred for certain reasons and are properly cared for cost anywhere from $15-$60+.
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