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Hello and Thank You

This is a discussion on Hello and Thank You within the Introduce Yourself forums, part of the Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping category; --> I am new here, and as I guess this is my first post, I wanted to say hi to every one here. I also ...

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Hello and Thank You

I am new here, and as I guess this is my first post, I wanted to say hi to every one here.
I also wanted to say Many Thanks to all of the people who post and reply on this forum, I have learned so much already. I fear I will not remember it all, but I will keep trying.
I joined, then before posting I spent time going back to page 10 or 11 of
Anabantids and reading forward to the present posts. Wow! , I found not only great information, but surprisingly a nice atmosphere with truly friendly, helpful people.( several years ago I joined two dog related forums, I never posted just read,and the people were very nasty to one another. That had been my only experience with forums) This forum is a breath of fresh air.
I still have much reading to do in the other Index areas of this forum, but realized I will probably never quite catch up, but I will try, sooo...If I post with a question ( I have many questions) that has already been answered, first I apologize, second please correct me and send me where I need to go for the answers
It has been approx. 15 years since I last had aquariums. So before even putting water in the new tank I did read two books. Alas even with the books, and then adding water, equipment, betta females, then finding this forum, I find I have already made mistakes. :(
On a more positive note: I LOVE this API liquid master test kit :D :D :D , what I would have given 15 years ago to have found it.
OK enough from me, again Hello and Thank You. Will post with questions soon.
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Welcome and thank you. It is what we strive for to be a friendly forum that members want to come to and spend time on rather then just ask a question, get an answer and not come back.

Please ask as many questions as you want, we don't bite about repeated questions and as many of us have already learned, situtations may be similar and can answered by past posts where a lot are unique and members have different ways of explaining what the problem may be.
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Thank you very much for the compliment. We're glad to have you with us and look forward to hearing about your fish keeping experience!
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Welcome to the forum.

Kudos are always welcome. Thank you for your kind, amiable, and gracious comments. You have all of us doing the "Ah, shucks" thing and blushing right now.

By the way the API test kit has been around for a long time, 25 years or more, just not under the API banner.
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Hello Stillwater, welcome to the forum!

Again, thank you for the kind comments - it's always good to get some positive feedback! Post away.. there are so many friendly, experienced and helpful people on here to answer any questions you may have. It'll be good to hear about your exprience in the hobby now, and back when you first kept fish! :D

I have to agree, the API test kits are a fantastic thing to have - especially when starting out!
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hello and a warm welcome to you,
i hope you will be very happy here with us. :)
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Thank You for the warm welcome.

The comments about the forum were made because in my experience here so far, they were truthful.

I will be happy to share any experience or info that I have...but I still consider my self a beginner in most things Aquarium. An intermediate at best in some areas.

I do how ever know more about wells, well water and underground water sources than I had ever wanted to know! 15yrs ago this was a sad and very expensive lesson learned, and the end of fish keeping for me, until now.
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I am also new here, and have found this to be a good source for information, and a place to learn allot about fish and fsh keeping. Welcome to the Forum.
Bill (redsoxbill)
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Thanks Bill,

And welcome to the forum.
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