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Hello & Please help

:D Hello, I'm bluefin, I'm a newbie on this forum. I was wondering what everyone thinks about my idea to save up for a 20 gallon tank--aquarium rentals and/or fish care and tank maintenance.

For the aquarium rentals, I would have whoever needs to rent the aquariums (doctors, dentists, people who have lobbys to wait in, or whatever) order ahead of time and pay ahead of time. I would then buy their choice of fish and gravel and whatnot and install it with an upfront fee of $100-$200. There would be a monthly fee of about $40-$50. They could pay ahead of time if possible. Any tips?

My other idea is to clean fish tanks and feed fish and do things like that. Which idea is better? Any tips?
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Welcome to the forum.

I'd go with cleaning tanks and stuff. Trying to rent out a 20 gallon would probably end in disaster and be a pain in the you-know-what for you. Most places that want a tank in their office already have one, and besides keeping the darn thing cycled would be a pain. Then there is the task of explaining to whoever wants the tank that no, you cannot have this fish without killing the other ones. Would you buy all sorts of different gravel and have it on hand? Sorry but to be honest with you, you'd lose a lot more money than there is to be gained and in the process you'd probably become very frustrated with the whole thing and get very sick of fish. There's just too many complications and risks and there's really not a whole ton of fancy things you can do with a 20 gallon anyways (all little fish and no big ones). Sorry to be a party pooper.

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Yeah, I guess your right. Anyways, I dont have $1500 to start out with or anything like that.

Yeah, I think I'll clean tanks.

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... Maybe I can even clean cages ...
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welcome aboard. :)
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hey bluefin nice idea but people would want a larger tank best of luck and of course welcome to the forum
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