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Hello forum!

Hi all. I have been on fishkeeping forums before but have not been an active member of one for many years as fishkeeping has become a less dominant hobby and I am very busy with school. I am hoping to become more active in this forum and not let this hobby die for me entirely. I am much too much of a poor student to keep anything fancy or have very much time to dedicate but I try to do right by the fish I keep.

I have been keeping fish for about 9 years. i started off, like so many do, with a betta when I was 15. The betta expanded to 30 bettas which shrunk to ten which shrunk to 5. Then I added a 29 gallon Goldfish tank, then a 5 gallon ADF tank and a 20 gallon ACF tank. When I had lost all my goldfish except for one I traded my 29 for a 50 and got cardinals, neons, bristlenose plecos, kuhli loaches, and dwarf neon rainbowfish. Then I moved and downsized to my 29 again with my remaining trops and my one goldfish. I got a 40 and got my goldfish some buddies, my tropical stock dwindled and I consolidated my tanks. I would love to keep both my 40 and my 29 but as a full time student and part time worker I just don't have the time or energy anymore. One water change a week is so much easier than two.

I also have two dogs (another reason I don't have time for two tanks) and my other exotic pet passion: tarantulas. I have about 30 of them, and two scorpions. The only reason I can keep these is they are incredibly low maintenance.

Anyways gotta run to class but I look forward to getting to know you all!
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Smile Hi smaughunter...

welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy it here. I'm sure this forum will definitely hold your interest in the hobby (which never dies, we may leave it at times, but always end up coming back to it...it gets in your blood) and you will be keeping fancy fish before you know it!
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Hello and welcome to TFK Sounds like you have quite an collection going. I can completely understand being a student and working, been there, and will be there again eventually, unfortuanately there are only so many hours in the day If you have a chance we would love to see pictures of your tank, just a warning we love seeing pictures.
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thanks for the welcomes! I don't have that many anymore just one forty gallon consisting of the remains opf three separate tanks: the 40 gallon goldfish tank, the 29 gallon tropical tank, and a ten gallon betta tank. The betta actually has a two gallon so technically I have two.

The 40 gallon has:

one 6-7 year old calico ranchu goldfish, Vishnu. This is my baby who has been with me for the longest.

one 2 year old calico ryunkin goldfish, Kama. I used to work at a petstore and some people had put her in with tinfoil barbs who ate out her eyes. My manager was going to euthanize her so I brought her home.

one 1 year old orange fantail goldfish, Radi. My friend moved out of town so I adopted his fish.

one 5 year old dwarf neon rainbowfish. His last friend passed away last year and I can't find any more.

one 5 year old male albino bristlenosed Plecostomus, Ludwig. His mate Luna passed away when their offspring were a few months old.

12 baby albino bristlenosed Plecostomus. Most of the babies have gone to the pet store but I am keeping a few to grow out. I will end up keeping a couple and sell the rest.

One 4 year old clown Plecostomus, Wolfgang. Probably a female, she's very fat.

5 black kuhli loaches, 2 are 5 years, 3 are 2 years.

I know this sounds like a ton of fish for my tank but it isn't too bad. My biggest Goldie is only 4 inches, and the baby plecos are pretty small. I also do large weekly water changes so my parameters are fine. I'd eventually like to get down to just 3 bristlenose plecs and the clown and get some more Dwarf Rainbowfish for my old man. I just can't seem to find any in town.
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hello and welcome.
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Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum. Glad you joined us.

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