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Hello Everybody!

Hi people. Im Eric. I started really keeping fish about 4 years ago. My sister came home with a Ryukin Goldfish in a little 1 gallon hex tank. From there i become obsessed and now have a 3 gallon tank with a dwarf puffer and bumblebee goby, a 10 gallon newt tank with a triturus kerilinii, a 40 gallon tank with my Albino Tiger Oscar, and a 65 gallon brackish water terrarium where i keep 2 Mudskippers, 2 Archerfish and 2 Sailfin Molly. I am currently working on fixing up the stand, which is only a frame right now, for my 110 gallon tank that i am going to move my brackish water fish into. I also helped my ex-girlfriend set up a 10 gallon community tank and a 75 gallon tank with an Oscar, a Electric Blue Jack Dempsey and a Fire Eel. After about a year of keeping fish i realized that my entire life i had been obsessed with fish without knowing it. For 4 years straight for my birthday i made my parents take me to the Baltimore Aquarium when i was younger. Also the 40 gallon tank they used to have set up as a community tank and after taking it down during the move, i harassed them about setting it back up for a few years. Also the fish department was always my favorite section of pet stores when i was little. So even though i have kept fish for only 4 years, i have been a fish lover my entire life! :D In the near future I want to start up a Saltwater Tank, though money and the urge to make a dart frog vivarium is a constant argument on when i will be able to set one up. I really just need to be rich so i can spend my time creating new setups without worrying about cost but alas, that is not the case, though any and all donations will be excepted!!!

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hello eric. welcome to the forum.
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welcoem to ff
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Welcome to Fishforum.com, Eric.

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Welcome to the forum. I hope you will enjoy being here as much as I do.
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Hello Eric, and welcome to the forum. It's good to have you here :)
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hi,welcome aboard,have fun,great bunch of people here.

hi kateyoup,haven't seen you about,hope you're ok.
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Hope you enjoy being weith us.
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Booo, did I make you jump Eric ?
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Welcome to the forum Never mind me, I just forgay yo take my meds today.
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