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Exclamation Hello, Beginner With A Few Questions


I recently purchased a 20 gallon long. I have gravel as my substrate, a few large rocks, driftwood, an aqueon quite-flow 20 filter and a few lighting fixtures.

1- I want to plant this pretty heavily. Anubias, amazon sword, hygrophilia, and parrotfeather (I have overgrowth in my pond) are all the plants I am interested in. I plan on having some above water plants as well, thinking Golden Variegated Wheat Flag.

I was curious as to what light bulbs I can use that will promote growth and be cheap. I have been doing research and have found that 13 watt spiral cfl 6500ks are recommended. I could have on my tank at once, if necessary.

I want to lower my ph level naturally, and was thinking about putting peat moss in my filter. Any other recommendations? Also any general tips on keeping the water clear would be awesome.

As far as stocking, I already have 9 neon tetras and four white cloud minnows (which I will most likely be moving to my pond). I was hoping to put a male betta, and 4 albino corys. Is this to high of a stocking? I don't mind doing water changes.

If you have any recommendations for a community of fish to go along with my neon tetras, please share. I don't want to add any fish for a while, at least until my plants are set up.

Thanks for your help and I apologize for my long-winded post!
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Hello MingWang and welcome tothe forum.

Im not sure about the lighting and your plant density, I guess it would be trial and error with the light times.

Peat moss will lower your PH, but i noticed you have driftwood in your Decor. I would plant and put in the driftwood and see how that goes, Whilst this will leach tanins (water clarity) that will dissipate over time with water changes, but should naturally lower you PH.

What is the PH of your mains water, and what level are you aiming to reach?


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