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Post Hello to all of you!

Hello everyone!
First off let me say I'm glad that I have "stumbled" across this site. It looks like a great place to share fish info
I have been away from the fish world for about 30 years and now that the kids are grown and our other animals aren't so "needy" I thought it was high time to get back to the basics of aquarium enjoyment. I'm finding that the chemicals have changed,fish have changed in the varieties and boy they sure are a lot more expensive than I remember lol.
I started out with a small 10 gallon with they typical community fish...guppies,swordtails and a Pleco. I've had that set up for almost a year now. But the whole time it was killing me as my favorite fish is the Angel of course and there was just no room to have one in a happy enviroment that small. A few months back I ran across a deal on a 30 gallon and didn't hesitate to get it so that I could have Angels. I set it up and left it for about three weeks. I added 3 Angels,a few swords,mollies,neons, and about 10 of my more favorite colored guppies.
Between the activity in the 10 gallon and a few that survived being born in an Angel tank things multiplied as fish will do,thus creating an almost maxed to the limit tank. I do remember from 30 years ago that once bitten by the aquarium bug - there is no turning back and you are hooked lol.
I just bought a 75 gallon tank to use as the main tank. I enjoy breeding the guppies to see what kind of color combinations I can come up with. I usually give the bulk of them back to the fish store that I use here and only keep the males that strike me as bold and beautifully marked. I now use my 10 gallon to put the pregnant fish in that I want to have the babies from,once they give birth they get moved back to the 75 while the babies stay behind in the 10 to grow. I use the 30 gallon to put babies in that aren't quite big enough to go back to the 75 yet. From that tank I decided who gets to move into the 75 and who gets given to friends,family and the Pet Shop.
Well that is enough about me and how I got here .....I'm off to check out some of the posts and conversations here .....
Nice to meet all of you so to speak
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and very warm welcome to you :)
true things have changed over the years,a great deal.
nice that you have come back to fish,i was the same,had a break
have had different pets over the years always come back to fish.
i'm down to two tanks at the moment,however that will change soon.:)
i really hope you enjoy your stay here with us.
please don't hesitate about asking questions,there is usually someone
around to help with either fantastic advise or point you
in the right direction.
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Welcome to the forum, and welcome back to the hobby! Reading around on the forum will definitely give you some insight into what changes the hobby has gone through in the time you've spent away from fishkeeping.

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hello and welcome

Take pride in what you do, for it is a reflection of who you are.

The Haunting Grounds - SKAustin's Reef Diary - Part 2 (the 75g upgrade)
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Welcome to FishForum ladyTAZ

ʎɐqǝ uo pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ɐ ʎnq ı ǝɯıʇ ʇsɐן ǝɥʇ sı sıɥʇ
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welcome, any pictures of your tanks/fish?
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