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Smile Hello

Hi fish friends, my name is two fish! I really enjoy watching my aquatic friends in their activities and play. Special interests are Bamboo Shrimp! Those fans are so facinating. I Have a bad back, not many human friends but I have my fish (and dogs) to keep me from bordom! I look forward to the many questions I have and maybe some (few answers) I may have for YOU!
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welcome to the forum! I like bamboo shrimp too. Do you breed them?

Originally Posted by Christople View Post
^^ genius

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bamboo buddy

Hey new friend,
No I do not breed them, I understand it is very difficult, requiring brackish water for the larvae stage. Now, cherry reds seem to multiply like guppies, they look like tiny versions of the parents! One tiny problem I have found, this may sound odd, but I have Assin snails in with Bamboo?Cherry Reds and one day the snail was assinating my Cherry red! I was horrified!Shrimp should of jumped! So now I am real concerned about my Bamboos (I have about 7) you know how they like to sit for hours and when they molt they stay real still. What would you friends advise? I have removed most of the assins except for 2 but the many eggs! Layed one at a time all over THE PLACE! Maybe its an isolated attack, since then I have put dried krill anchored to a rock and blood worms in this 20 gal. bowed tank to keep the snails mind off my Bamboo Shrimps! Boy am I long winded-sorry, is this the correct thing to do??????????
two fish
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Smile bamboo friends

Originally Posted by Reefing Madness View Post
I do enjoy them. Im glad I don't molt, poor little guys, must be painful to have this happen every month. I wonder at what age they first start to molt? Anyone know?

Thanks for any replys
two fish
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Hello and welcome to the forum!

You will always be my best friend, .
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Hi Everyone,
Thanks for the "Welcome", it's so refreshing to have positive friends. It gets tiring to always hear "you spent how much?, those shrimps stink or you got ripped off. Hey, whos hobby is it anyway? I am quite fond of my Bamboos. I really am interested in Cyrstal reds and cherrys also but $5 apiece is breaking the bank. I would like to try mail ordering them, have never done this, I just fear for their safety. Oh well, i'm gonna take the plundge and order some Cherry Shrimp! Wish me luck and aquatic health!
Two fis
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Hi two fish

Welcome to the forum. We're glad you found us .
Keep us posted on your cherry shrimp shipment and good luck to you.

Animal testing is a terrible idea; they get all nervous and give the wrong answers.
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Smile cherry shrimp

So...you order the shrimp, im dumb, how does this work?? Do they come in a bag, in a box? UPS, Im so new. Does anyone know what a good price is on an order of Cherry Red Shrimp? How many is a good amt. to order, I mean I was thinking I have good space for 10-20 to live happily in a well established 20 gal bow front, Bamboo established tank? What if they arrive dead? Do they send babies, adults and last where would one find a breeder interested in such a small order? Do I pay the UPS, this is only a hobby, no interest in breeding or selling offspring, but would give away extras to my friends!!

two fish
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Hello, and welcome to the forum
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