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Greetings from Puerto Rico


I stumbled upon this site looking for information about my fishes. As my profile shows, I own a 55(us)gal. acuarium and I keep various species in it, the most problematic of them being the two overzised adult plecos, one measuring 12" long, and another measuring 8" or 9".

I think either one of them ate my black molly male... I was proud of that molly... he was a beautiful 100% black molly... one day I woke up went to feed them their share of the morning feeding, and ... he was nowhere to be seen in my tank... I instantly stuck my hand in there to check around the stones (maybe he was scavenging for food?) but I did not see him (nor did I find his cadaver ).

Luckily, he was gone after he fertilized my dalmatian female molly... who has been giving birth recently... when I got her she was pregnant from the store, and gave birth to 4 dalmatians, 2 males and 2 females (aren't I a lucky one? two pairs right there! hahaha) BUT, she was pregnant again! OH JOY! All her new fry (about 6 or 7) are 100% black right now, but they are still too young, I need to wait for them to develop more...

Since I don't have a hatchery, a net or anything, it is hard to see them... but when I feed them a lot of food, that there is much food floating all over, and they go nuts eating (sometimes I do that for the pleco's to get some flake food and so they dont eat algae pills all the time), the fry come out of the hiding places to grab some flake bits that the others let go to the bottom... they are smart enough to steer clear of the pleco's vacuming :) It is a busy place every time I feed them... its very cool.

In the mid-section of the tank, where the air-stone is, and larger rocks are covering it, thats the place were most of the fry go and hide, because larger fish cannot predate on them when hiding in those cracks between the stones, and the plecos rarely vacuum over there.

I have been looking for someone to take the pleco's away from me... they have killed 2 fish already and who knows how many more will they eat!? They are two males... and they seem to be a bit stressed as there doesn't seem to be enough ground area for them to relax at the bottom... sometimes they fight for the territory even though I have like divisions with the stuff I placed on the bottom. They both prefer the same corner of the tank, anyways.

I am also caring for a neat looking tetra-family (i would need ID on him though - but he is kind of agressive and hyper active swimming non-stop from corner to corner of the tank) that I had to put in an old hatchery container I had for guppies because hes a bad nipper... almost killed my male guppy's tails on the first night... so I put him aside for the time being, while a friend cycles his tank, probably will be with me for a few weeks... hes not bothering anyone now hehehe.

No picture of him though, since my cammera is quite crappy as you may have noticed (cellphone 2mp camera lol) and the details of the fish are hardly noticed in the shots I tried to take. Here are more pics of my tank and the fish...

Here are molly swordtail, a two tone orange/black female (pregnant), a neon... he is a funky little fella, when sleeping the red part becomes clear, and when awake it comes back... there is the orange tail guppy as well around the back.

Another view of the whole thing... kinda crappy on the details, as my camera is not too classy... someday I will get me a better camera and will hopefully be able to get better shots...
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Hello and welcome to the forum. Nice pics!
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Hello and welcome to the forum!
Nice pictures! Thanks for sharing!
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Thanks for the kind welcome. :)
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Welcome to the forum, Morales2k. Ah, Puerto Rico...I hope someday to visit.
Thanks for sharing your pics!

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hello and welcome.
i couldn't see the pictures :(

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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Welcome to the forum! Nice pictures.

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Hi and welcome.

Nice tank setup. Do you have a local pet store or fish store that will take your Plecos? Maybe you can get a store credit or trade them for something much smaller?

Good luck.

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Hello and welcome to the forum!
Nice pictures!!!! Do you have a full frontal shot of the tank, that'd be nice to see?

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