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Greetings from Poland

I'm from Poland and I have 80gallon aquarium and I setup it in 04.01.2011. The glass and cover i manufactured by polish producer - Aquael. At the beginning I made some mistakes - as a noobie it's normal, but nowadays the appearance of my aquarium is quite nice for me.
Currently in tank I've got some shrimps (three different kinds), snail (brotia pagodula) and some fish - the details are described here:

MY PRECIOUS - 80 gallon Freshwater fish tank

Nowadays I'm adding some CO2 which making better condition of plants in aquarium and I'm still modelling palette of plant that grows in tank.
I'm gonna to read a lot of posts in this forum, maybe in some time I will also share my knowledge with those who will like me to help them.


(I'm sorry for my english)
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That tank is beautiful, the gourami's and the betta were the first things that attracted my attention.

What a coincidence, two of my friends are from Poland. Anyways, welcome to the forums

Occupied Tanks;
1 ten gallon tank
1 five gallon tank

a few jars
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Gorgeous tank! Welcome to TFK

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I've got 27gallon tank - not 80 I badly convert liters to gallons. APOLOGISE.

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Welcome to TFK! Your tank is beautiful, no matter what size!!

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AMJck (11-05-2011)
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Hello and welcome to TFK.
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Another scientific name nut :P lol

Using google to see what the fish are..

Colisa lalia appears to have had a name change to Trichogaster lalius.

I'm wondering if you may have some future aggresion issues with Betta imbellis and Trichogaster lalius, or amongst the Trichogaster lalius themselves.

Welcome and very nice tank :)
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Colisa lalia vs betta imbelliis - not at all. I've got problems earlier when betta was in shrimp set (8gallon) with smaller fish, but now sometimes they poke each other and there is peace for long time Dwarf Gourami is really peaceful fish, no issues between themselves.

I use scientific names because I don't know those names in english - I could write names in polish but then U would have a problem ];-> For example (translations polish words to english):

Colisa lalia - Prętnik Karłowaty (midget stake)
Betta imbellis - Bojownik Karłowaty (midget warrior)
Etroplus maculatus - Żłtaczek Indyjski (yellow indian)
Paracheirodon innesi - Neon Innesa (?)
Corydorus paleatus - Kirysek Spiżowy (bronze something ?)
Hyphessobrycon pulchripinnis - Bystrzyk pięknopłetwy (beauty-fin scintillating ?)

It has no sense so I use scientific names


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AMJcK, Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping!! I love the way your tank looks. Very nice job!!
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haha yeah I understand that. Theres another member on here that uses scientific names all the time, I like to joke about it because I always have to refer to google to find out what he's talking about.
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