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I'm the same way; I love watching the procedures being performed! I've had the same vet for over 18 years and am able to sit in on any of the procedures I'd like. I was even able to assist when it was my dog having the surgery. Nothing fancy, just helping lift him onto the table, adjusting the flow of oxygen, etc. Absolutley fascinating but a little freaky when it's your own dog!

My cat is due to be nuetered soon and I'll sit in on that also. I'm sure my animals don't even know I'm there while they are "under" but it gives me great comfort to be there.

Have fun over the holidays and I'm glad you're going to be involved as an observer. You're going to love it!!

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I think its great that you want to be a veterinary surgeon. I wish I could have done that but I was awful at math and science.
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Originally Posted by SolaceTiger View Post
I watched the veterinarian remove anal glands on an older dog. I swear, you have never smelled anything so foul! The stench was unbelievable, my knees were buckling the whole time and I had to restrain myself from blacking out,
poooooooeeeeeeeeeeee glad you were there and not me . lol

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something seeded for you next filter.
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You're telling me...those dog anal glands are the worst smelling things imaginable.

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Member I've heard! The vet who I will be watching makes everyone new to surgery sit down at first because he has seen people pass out before from the...interesting...smells and sights of surgery :) I really think I'll be fine though. I'll post what it was like after Christmas.

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