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Brought home the first tank today

Today I bought a 25H (lots of mental debating over a 26 bow, 20XH and a 20 regular).

Technically it's a Christmas gift for my daughter as she has been enjoying her Betta for a while now and really wants to get into a serious aquarium. Everyone is chipping in with various pieces of equipment to outfit it, list supplied by me. So it's a little vicarious fish keeping I suppose. She wants to choose the fish and do the work so we'll see how far that goes, I think she will do well with some guidance and help.

Funny thing, my wife, who had mixed opinions about the whole affair, asked about putting coral in the tank... she actually wants to do salt water as she loved the anenomes and corals in the store tank. I'd go there but don't think a salt tank is a great starter setup.

Anyhow, done a fair amount of lurking here in the last week and it looks like a decent place to be as far as fish forums are concerned.


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I agree that a freshwater setup would be a better starter arrangement.

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Welcome JDM and wife. Congratulations on the new tank!!! Do you know about Cycling your new tank? We're here to help when ever you need.
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Cycling.... Yah. I think I've read 8 different methods so far. Then the store rep says to use some quick start stuff that introduces the necessary bacteria to speed up the process. While that sounds cool I don't believe in rushing things, it too often costs more in time, money and frustration in the end... and I guess possible dead fish it his case.

I actually like the sound of the "dead shrimp" process, it seems to make sense.

We're planting the tank and wanted to go ahead and do that but I don't think we should until things settle down then a few plants and a few fish at a time. Check it for a week or more then do a few more.

That's the plan... perhaps I'll just post some details somewhere else here and see what feedback I get.


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You can add your plants right away. As a matter of fact, that would be best. With enough live plants, especially fast growing stem / floating plants, you could begin slowly adding fish.

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Welcome to starting your first tank! If you change your mind about plants, we have never lost a fish with API Quick Start and Prime in a brand new set up. (800+ gallons of All Male Lake Malawi Predatory Haps, Peacocks and Lake Tanganyika Frontosa, Calvus, etc., not bragging, it is a lot of work around here, just trying to give a few credentials)
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Welcome to the forum! There are lots of plants that are easy to maintain and will definitely keep your water parameters more stable. My planted tanks are way more consistent than my non planted tanks.

Setting up and stocking is always exciting. Any idea what fish you plan to keep?

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Well, I'm waiting for the water test to nail them down but I've compiled a list of potentials. The main criteria is size, nothing that will be over two inches. I would rather have larger schools of smaller fish than singles or pairs of larger fish... But my daughter needs to weigh in on these choices once she knows that she is getting the tank. (She sort of knows, after all, buying animals as gift isn't the best idea without some idea of how they may be received)

We both need to do some research so I am not setting my mind on anything until Christmas. I decided on going with the planned plants right away and the first school of fish in the first week.

I'm looking at dwarf loaches, oto cats or corys for the bottom. I like the bandit Cory but it may not workout.
Tetras (cardinal is a first choice), rasboras or perhaps some pencil fish for the middle to top
I don't know if danios are compatible. I'd like shrimp and snails, depends on the fish mix though.

All my "ideal" fish are either larger than I can accommodate (angels for instance) or are not good for communities.

I already entered my aquarium info, even though it's empty, so I'll update that as I build it up.

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Hello and welcome to the forum!

You will always be my best friend, .
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