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Smile Brand new to TFK

Hi everyone, my name is Steve n I recently adopted a 77 gallon tank from my uncle who past away.LOVE U UNCLE TONY. Anyways, my other uncle was getting ready to bust it down n take it to the dumps.I said whooaaaa, I can clean it up n add it to my living room. He tried to tell me how expensive and time consuming it would be, in one ear n out the other.Loaded that baby in my truck n took her to my house.Pulled up to my house n my wife was like, oh greeeaat,noooww what r u doing? She was fine with the idea as long as it didnt stink up the house. Soooo, I went out the next weekend and bought everything I needed. My uncle was NOT lying when he told me it would be expensive. Saltwater was very tempting but with my experience freshwater was a more realistic choice.My family and I have grown quite fond of our fish and lovem. Im really glad to had found this site and know that if I need any advise ur only a click away.Plus I like reading everyones Q & A.

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Welcome to TFK Fishrawsm

So how long have you had that baby up and running since you said you have fish in there now. Hoping you have read all about cycling a tank.
Love the comment from the wife.... now what are you doing? lol

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Its been about six months now n yes I cycled the water for two days previous to getting my fish.Have my water testing kit n test it often.
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If the tank had fish(or even just some water in the bottom) in it when his uncle passed it would be already cycled most likely. A cycle on a brand new tank can tank up to 2 months though btw.

You should have told your uncle that he could have sold it for at least $25 dollar for just the tank, and it would have gone that day most likely, and they would have picked it up lol. Makes me wonder what other "junk" he threw out lol.

You can let your wife know if it starts to stink it's because the water is dirty and you need to change it :)
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fishrawsm (07-31-2011)
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Hi Steve Welcome to the forum, I hope you enjoy your time here! You are in good hands here if you do ever need to "click away" , they are a very knowledgable/experienced bunch and only to glad to offer assistance.

BTW: I'm very sorry to hear about your Uncle's condolences!
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fishrawsm (07-31-2011)
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hi so sorry to hear bout your uncle.... but i'm happy you got the tank.don't forget pics when you have the time

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fishrawsm (07-31-2011)
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Hi Steve

Welcome to TFK. I'm sorry to hear about your uncle but now when you look at that great fish tank, you'll think of him and smile :)

Looking forward to pics. of your tank.

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fishrawsm (07-31-2011)
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Hello Steve and welcome to TFK Sorry for the loss of your uncle, but it is nice that you have something that will remind you of him.
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fishrawsm (07-31-2011)
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welcome to TFK...your really jumping in to some fun!
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Welcome to Tropical Fish Keeping forum. Nice to have you with us.


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