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Bloated Guppy

I have a guppy that appears to be pregnant but does not have any babies. She is so big she looks like she is going to burst. As a result of her size she cannot swim properly, it is like her head is really heavy and tips her vertical.

She is eating and swimming normally, how can I help her.

Water quality is good. Temperature is 25oC. Scales are not sticking out
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Hi Josey and welcome to the forum. Uhm, just so I can be totally clear on this . . . the guppy is the giant thing in the lefthand corner of your pic? That . . . is incredible. I'll be honest, I've never seen anything like that before.

How long has she been this way? Has she ever given birth at all? If she, how long has it been since her last litter?

Hold up a flashlight to the bloated area of her stomach, concentrating on the blackish area just beneath her anal fin. Can you see any tiny black specks through the skin/scales? These would be babies and sometimes when a livebearer is very close to dropping, you can actually see the eyeballs of the fry inside. If you don't see any eyeballs, my guess would be she is egg-bound or whatever the livebearer equivalent is. That is, she is full of babies (probably stillborn) that she cannot for some reason give birth to. In a case like this, especially one so severe, there most likely isn't anything that can be done short of experimental surgery. And I'm not sure I would recommend that because of the risk of accidentally cutting into the wrong thing. I'm really sorry. :(

If she isn't in any discomfort and you personally are okay with the idea, you can leave her in her own tank to live out her days. As long as she is eating, she should be okay. Alternatively, if she does look like she is in some distress or she stops eating or being able to swim, you may need to euthanize her. If you feel you need to do that, let us know and we'll help you through it.

I'm very sorry I can't help any further. :(
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She has been this way for about 4 weeks and just keeps getting bigger. I don't know if she has had any babies before but she is one of my oldest fish at 13 months old. I think she is egg bound as well. I feel so sorry for her, although she does not seem to be in any pain at this stage. Thanks for your help and I will keep you posted on the outcome.
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