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Blame it on the daughter

yep thats right, its all her fault

Its been 20 years since ive been into the fish tank scene, and what does she want for her birthday a fish tank of course hahaha. So mom and dad go off to petco for a ten gallon glow tank. What a nightmare it has been (a little about my last month) so naturally I find this forum. First off let me say I Thank Everyone here for all the helpful posts. For lerking around I have learned so much in so little time that I think her tank will survive. Just wanted say hi and ty very much.
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Reference Team
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LOL! Well hi.. I think I'll blame it on my son. (Darn, he wasn't born when I started! But ....he was when I got full force with it.)
Oh and welcome to the non lurking end of TFK .. Now do tell your trials and tribulations.
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haha brat kids, and ty. Our problem was the ammonia. Spring water and massive water changes helped a ton (learned from various posts). As far as major trials they are soon to come :) I have a good friend who is selling me her 55 gallon tank all set up with fish for only 70.00 oak stand included. There are many things I will be changing so I will be hitting the posts once again. As a non lurker hahaha.
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TFK Moderator
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Hello and welcome to the forum

You really made the leap from a 10 to a 55 didn't you? Nice! You'll find the larger tank easier to maintain once you have it established.

Looking forward to you future success posts.

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Hi and welcome...I'm new here myself... fish tanks and pets in general helped me raise 4 "kids" on my own.. they are great family /parent bonding sorces and teach resposibility... my "baby" is 35 and has introduced his children to Aqyatic life... and yea.. that's a heck of a jump from 10 to 55 gallons good luck...
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Hey Welcome! Nice one with your daughter, I had the same thing 22 years ago when my daughter was 11. Great deal on the 55 setup as well, lots of things you can do with a tank that size.
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hello and welcome….who can i blame …….um…arhhhh yes
my brother. many moons ago.
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when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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Hahaha ty all for the welcomes. Just to get things right my largest tank 20 years ago was a 75 gallon which actually produced 2 14 inch ( I think ) Blue channel catfish, and 1 16 inch Iridescent Shark. But 20 years later I will agree 10 to 55 is a huge jump lol. It is a great buy none the less. I was actually dieing to do salt water ( my dream ) with it, but that can wait. First things first. I have get myself back into it first.
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Welcome! haha I can say I blamed my parents, they had the 65 corner gallon tank before I was born! I been with fishies for my whole life - and don't plan to change the status!
Nice jump, but in a few months time you be thinking it too small and going for the 75 or the 125! :)
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I blame my daughters, too! A very good thing, I think ^_^
Welcome to TFK, and congrats on the new finny friends!
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