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All because of an impulse Siamese Fighter purchase!

I kinda neglected introducing myself here until the disaster that occurred today made me call on all of your help! So this is a post I placed on a different forum on the 5th November:

Hi everyone,

How it began... So my sister has kept fish for quite a few years and this year my family decided to start a fish tank for my brother for his birthday. We could all buy him fish and plants etc. so I got him two plants and a Siamese fighter. But as soon as I started looking through all the Bettas I knew that I wanted one too and so completely on impulse we got one! Actually I wanted a crown tail but dragged my boyfriend along and he lost his heart to a pretty little double tail that's got some crown in his genes.

Being a researcher I immediately started looking up everything I can about them and this lead to us buying a starter tank, fitting it out, planting it quite a bit, cycling it and adding a bunch of bottom feeders (1 x Banjo pleco, 2 x Bristlenose plecos, 3 x Hillstream loaches) to keep our Stishy company! Our tank is now beautiful and I'm glad we did all the research because my brother's tank which was set up in one day with fish added the same day cycled and killed the lovely Betta I got him :'(But I've gotten him a new one for Christmas and planted his tank nicely too. Luckily ours survived although it did take a lot of frantic water changes and tests until the cycle was done.

I'll probably not be one of the most prolific posters but it's great to be part of an SA forum that'll be able to give me relevant local advice and suggestions!

UPDATE 8th November:

A few days ago both our Bristlenose plecos died in short succession. They started looking lethargic and fell to the bottom of the tank but when we picked them up they swam away again. But both died within a day after this first symptom :"(

The water parameters are fine and none of the other fishes show any signs of disease or anything. I think it was probably internal parasites/bacterial infections that killed them as they showed no outward signs of disease. Also another forum told me that they are generally considered to be very fragile fishes so that could've been why they died and the rest are still fine.

UPDATE 11th November:

Disaster struck and our Betta has been very badly injured in a freak accident! See this thread:
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hello and welcome. :)

when you set up a new tank,hide an extra
sponge or two behind some decor,that way you have
something seeded for you next filter.
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Sory bout your BN pleco and i cant really help you on the betta side of things..
But welcom to TFK but hope you find everything you ned....

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R.I.P Saphire You'll always be in my heart

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