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I always seem to fail to mention my sump tank is a DIY made from a 10 gallon tank. If you are looking down from the top it has pieces of acrylic angled and siliconed to the edge of the tank [ / \ / ] <-- (mini diagram) with the filter media in between the angled acrylic slats. So I may be out of my league with the newer systems, but it's basically the same concept. Just different filter media's.

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You have me beat. Mine is made with three large tupperware containers stacked (filter, bio material, sump), all sitting in a large 5G tupperware type container. Probably cost $5 total for the containers. Powered by a 80GPH@tank height pump and an overflow made from a powerhead housing. Looks better than it sounds really.

I always laugh when I see the LFS wet/dry filters they seem to usually use for their systems...usually just paint buckets of filter material stacked on top of biological weave, all dripping down into a's all the same. Then I tell my girlfriend, that's like my filter...and she looks at me funny.

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Hi krinedawg.i dont exactly remember exactly which episode it was there are so many sorry. A wier is basically it acts as a wall inside the tank behind it are the holes where piping would when the tank is full of water it will flow over the weir and when that space behind the weir gets full of water it will then flow into the intake pipe down to the sump.its just saves you from using overflow system.i have decide that i am gointo use the sump so what do you think of my idea for the sump setup:there are four equal chamber so in the first chamber im going to use a nylon sock so with floss under it,second chamber im going to use bio balls with air stone,third chamber im going to use carbon media,ammonia remover and peat granules because of keeping altum angel fish i have to use peat to keep ph down it works well.and the last chamber im going to have the return pump and heaters.please let me know if this idea would work.thanks
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The substances you listed sound good, the only thing that I could see a difference on, and Byron if you're reading over this, please add your info. Is that if you are going to have live plants the carbon isn't really necessary as the plants will take care of most the ammonia and the carbon only lasts for so long until it wears down.

I use a carbon filter only because it's attached to the filter media I use to catch the bigger particles in the sump tank. I have what I call a medium planted tank, enough to keep the ammonia down, but not enough to need Co2.

I highly recommend live plants. Low light, nice growing plants, not only make the tank look nice, are easy to care for, but the fish will thank you for them too. (I know you don't have your tank yet but I figured if I told you now it would give you some time to do some research). The system you have sounds like your going to have a great setup, I can't wait to see the photo's of it.

Do you know what you are going to use as a substrate, and decorations, Angel fish are a beautiful fish, I have a friend who breeds them here.

Nomel, I showed one of them to my wife and then the price tag, and she asked what is that? I told her it was the Dom Peri om of filters. Her next question was "do you need one of those"? I told her no, I have the Boons farm of filters. She sighed and said thank goodness cause you weren't getting it until we were able to afford the Dom Peri om.

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I would rather use a HOB pvc overflow rather than having a drilled tank. Yea you should the the sump for wet/dry filter they are the best!
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